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Retain and Intrigue Employees with a 401k Plan

What attracts and retains the best employees? Other than salary, employees covet benefits. People work to be able to support themselves outside of work. They know they cannot work forever. They think about their living situation after their working situation. Workers want to be a part of a solid 401k plan.

To attract and keep quality, it is imperative for your company to contact a 401k provider. The following article is outlined with parts of the 401k acquisition process. Consider the following information.

Why you should outsource
Managing a 401k plan is a task not to be taken lightly. Like many peripheral business activities, it takes time and resources. Time and resources devoted towards a particular task rather than focused towards your main business objectives.

Outsourcing frees your time to run your business while experienced individuals address your 401k needs.

Much like payroll responsibilities, managing a 401k plan puts one in a position of having to know certain rules and regulations. Violation will put you at risk of losing money and the faith of your employees.

Can I go through my payroll company?
Yes, your payroll company can double as your 401k provider, but it is not well advised. Many payroll companies use the 401k service as a supplement to their income. Payroll is their first concern. Consequently, they may not be as proficient in addressing 401k duties as you and your employees would wish.

Different options
An owner looking at 401k plans may be faced with the decision of choosing between bundled and unbundled services. Bundled denotes that the administrative and investment functions of the process are handled together. You would not need a separate entity to help employees invest their 401k contributions.

In addition, to take things a step further, a business owner could pay extra for a representative within the 401k administration to serve as an investor and a financial advisor for their employees. This would be an added bonus that employees would appreciate.

What kind of choices will my employees have?
Employees will be concerned about their investment choices. For those employees that are savvy about money, they will want to have as many options as possible. For others, they will appreciate being advised on the topic.

A popular plan is one that presents a myriad of options. These 401k plans gather fund choices together with options of stocks, bonds, and CDs. Employees enjoy having many choices existing within one plan.

To match or not to match
Employees want to be a part of a 401k plan that will match their contributions. Of course, a matching 401k plan will be one that will attract and maintain employees, but it is not always viable.

An owner should meditate on this topic for some time. You should not begin to match your employees’ 401k contributions until you can be sure that it will be permanent. This is not always possible for a young, smaller business.

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