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About Background Screening

How do you evaluate your employees before they are hired? Many businesses conduct background checks. Companies want to know whether they are acquiring a great addition to their team or someone illegitimate. Background screening is a sure way to eradicate unwanted employees.

Screening will vary from service to service, but all provide basic information. Closely analyze the application for breaks in working life and reasons for leaving a job; this process alone can filter out some applicants. Each applicant needs to sign a release granting the business permission to conduct a background check. This gives permission to have an agency do the screening without violating the applicants rights.

Elements of background screening
A social security trace validates a persons number, birth date, and address. Those attempting to hide a criminal history have discrepancies between the report and the application. Addresses indicate where records are found if an applicant has a criminal history.

A comprehensive background screening will incorporate criminal record checks at the local and federal levels. A county criminal records search indicates an applicants conviction or charge of a felony (or misdemeanor in some counties) within the last seven years. About 8,000 county courthouses maintain records. It is the responsibility of the background screening service to locate the proper houses.

Federal Criminal Records show convictions such as bank robberies, mail fraud, drug violations, embezzlement, etc. Federal district courthouses hold these records.

A company needs to analyze an applicants Driving Record Report if the job entails driving. Negligible drivers will cost your company money.

Employees working in accounting, finance, or handling cash and merchandise need Credit Checks. Credit Checks show financial stability and shed light on a persons integrity and ability to manage money.

Employers also look into educational credentials, employment history, personal and job references, military records, and certificates and licenses to supplement the background screening.

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