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Thinking of Outsourcing Payroll? Understand what Payroll Preparation Services Can Deliver

Payroll service companies do more than just process payroll. In fact, some payroll services companies can deliver almost all human resources functions. Here we focus on all the elements that companies might want to consider when selecting a vendor to handle payroll, excluding full HR services.

Its About Time: Preparation and Processing
Many businesses rely on physical time clocks to keep track of hours worked including breaks, overtime, tardiness and sick days, and payroll companies must be able to process payroll from this tool.

When employees work away from a corporate office or are not paid by the hour, their time on the job must still be reported. Some payroll companies have developed sophisticated software applications that enable employees to report their hours by phone and the Internet, eliminating the need for paper timecards and streamlining the process of gathering timecard information.

Payroll Means Taxes: Keeping Straight with Uncle Sam
Payroll service companies calculate state and federal withholdings for each employee for each pay period, and at the end of the year issue W2s and 1099s. Some payroll companies offer extensive tax management and filing, relieving clients of having to keep up with constantly changing tax codes.

Payroll Preparation on Time and on the Money
Although employee surveys show time and again that money is not the number one motivator, mess with payroll and then consider the validity of those surveys. Keeping business humming along requires that employees are not stressing, or worse, gossiping, about payroll. So, the first requirement is that payroll is delivered accurately and on time.

Preparation Service Involves Speed and Need
Some employers want to manage cash flow by delivering paper checks. But due to the speed of the Internet, float is not the advantage it used to be. And the cost of handling paper can offset the benefit of delays in checks being cashed. Nevertheless, a payroll preparation service must be able to deliver even paper checks to remote employees on published pay dates.

Direct deposit is another option that employers and employees have come to expect. When evaluating payroll services, the ability to offer direct deposit is an important criterion. For companies with international employees, whether those employees live abroad or locally, wire service remittances and prepaid debit cards might also be worth considering.

Considering Related Services
Other services that may be available from payroll service companies include administration of workers compensation and insurance and retirement plans.

Integrated Payroll Preparation Ties it All Together
Payroll preparation companies can integrate payroll with clients accounting systems, eliminating the need for manual entry of information that has already been collected while providing a secure audit trail.

Knowing what services payroll preparation companies can provide will help you select the one that meets your needs now and in the future as well.


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