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Answering Services FAQ

How long will it take to get things set up?
Different providers will vary, but most will be able to have your answering services set up within a day or two.

Will I have to sign a long-term contract?
Some providers will take on the responsibility of your calls on a month-to-month basis. Others may desire a longer commitment.

What if I am dissatisfied with the services?
Any upstanding business will provide the option of a refund within the beginning stages. After the initial stages, each business may have individual ways of addressing your dissatisfaction (full refund, partial refund, etc.)

How long will it take for my messages to be relayed?
Efficient answering service software will enable an immediate fax, text, or email.

Will I be able to change my services depending on the volume of my business?
Most service providers will have no problem with a switch to the services as long as you give them a timely notice.

What happens if I go on a holiday?
Your messages can be forwarded to another representative, sent to your private phone, taken by the service provider, or have the provider alert people of your absence and return.

How can I pay for services?
Most providers will ask for a payment by check at first and then there will be several payment options (automatic withdrawal, checks, transfers, etc.) available on a rolling basis.

What if I already have an established number?
Most providers will tell you that you can transfer an existing number to be answered by their service.

If I accept one of the provider's numbers can I take it with me after I no longer am in need of their services?
Some providers will tell you that the number becomes yours outright and others will tell you that you cannot because they are direct telephone number from their system.

How will my calls be answered?
Usually, this matter is discussed as part of the initial agreement. You will meet with a representative to discuss answering scenarios or script orchestration.

If the provider deals with several businesses how do they know which company to answer the phone for?
The phone systems are able to decipher what number was called in order for the representative to answer a call in regards to the intended business.

What if I was in a meeting but an important call came in that needed immediate assistance?
Most providers will tell you that they will be able to contact for you as well as receive on certain occasions. The provider will make the call identifying themselves as a part of your staff for your business.

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