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The Importance of Packaging Your Company

It is not the healthiest choice for a meal, but most of us have had the experience of eating at a McDonalds at least once. Did you notice just about everything from the shapes of the boxes holding the happy meals to the napkins have the McDonalds insignia affixed to it? That is because they want to go a great job of branding their products and services. Whether you agree or not with the nutritional value of their food, their revenue is enough to make any businessperson salivate, adopting their marketing strategies would not be bad for your company’s health.

What is branding?
How do you want people to be reminded of your business? What words or images would you like them to relate to your business? An association to adjectives and images is what branding is all about.

We associate the golden arches with McDonalds. We see them; and whether we realize it or not, our brains play something resembling a McDonalds commercial in our heads depending on our associations with the establishment. You may have a negative feeling towards the establishment or a good one, regardless; McDonalds has done their job branding.

Packaging your company
How is your company packaged? Your company’s package serves as a vehicle for representing your company, its values, and goods/services. Your company can utilize the answering system, business cards, stationery, Web site, e-mail signatures, etc. in regards to branding.

Does your answering systems provide information about your company and its products/services, or is the message generic and simply state that no one is available? Whether customers are calling after-hours or put on-hold, phone systems can make a connection with your client while you immediately cannot. How about your business cards? Does the color, texture, graphics, wording, etc. match well with the identity and vision of your company? Did you take the time to think about its orchestration, or did you settle? A business card is a quick way to make a lasting impression when networking.

Is your mission and vision statements affixed to your stationery? Many companies buy stationery from stores without thinking to personalize it to their company. Little things can make a big difference; do not miss an opportunity to show effort.

The look and design of your Web site speaks volumes; especially for a company whose revenue is largely Web site-driven. Your Web site serves as a representative for your company to Web browsers. It is of high importance to make sure that your Web site is suited with all of the information and professional-look your business espouses. Many people are satisfied with leaving their name, title, and contact number as a signature. That is efficient, but your company’s logo, company motto, sales tips, etc. could be displayed as well.

Showcasing your brand is an on-going need for your business. By repeated exposure to your company, the public will begin to identify particular images and adjectives to it. Your company’s actions and efficiency of product/services will create an impression and your branding will solidify the impression with customers.

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