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Tribute to a Top Notch Appointment Setter

Untitled Document A truly superlative appointment setter is a salespersons best friend. And whats good for the sales staff is good for the company, because sales drive revenues, allowing everyone else to have a job.

Too often, its easy to forget who starts that virtuous cycle of sales and profits. Especially when the appointment setting firm is outsourced and working from a separate location, even the sales staff will sometimes neglect to credit appointment setters for their valuable efforts. Its understandable--everyones busy--but that doesnt make it right.

So here, for a moment, let us pay tribute to top notch appointment setters everywhere.

Day in the Life of a Truly Superlative Appointment Setter
In the appointment setting business, success is highly measurable: how many appointments were set today? However, that one number doesnt tell the whole story of what constitutes a job well done.

A top notch appointment setter makes the extra call. She breaks through the first no. She respects the customer. She researches the product and truly believes in the product. She also believes in the sales staff for which she is setting appointments. She knows she is working for that sales staff, to make more sales.

Appointment setters follow the system. They have a system. They have a script. But theyre not a robot. They relate to people as human beings, so that when salespeople get to the appointment, the potential customer is not cold and irritated. The potential customer is warm and receptive.

The potential customer, after a top notch appointment setter is done with him, wants to know more. But the top notch appointment setter leaves the andquot;moreandquot; for the salesperson. Once the appointment is set, the top notch appointment setter is on to the next call.

For the highly professional appointment setting service, todays large number of booked appointments is not an accident. Its a way of doing business.

Appointment Setting Services Should Give Bonuses
Especially in the business-to-business area, its hard to get decision-makers on the phone, let alone to agree to yet another appointment. Appointment setters get hung up on frequently.

But the good ones call again. And again. And again.

And the good appointment setting services appreciate that--monetarily. They give bonuses for performance. Thats how they make sure that the appointment setter working all day gets paid more than the appointment setter who takes a smoke break every hour on the hour.

Though it may seem like an internal piece of information, its worth asking about the bonus structure of an appointment setting service. If the firm doesnt appreciate its best employees (with money, not just words,) its likely the best employees dont work there anymore.

A Simple Thank You, Thats All
The importance of a simple thank you is a much-underrated tool in the business world. In the case of a truly superlative appointment setter, its well worth picking up the telephone and saying those words on a weekly or at least monthly basis. Its not easy working in sales. Thank you makes it better.

Not only for the person being thanked, but for the person saying thank you. In that sense, a grateful salesperson is a truly superlative appointment setters best friend.

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