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Appointment Setters: Dont Underestimate the Work-At Home Crowd

Appointment setting is often advertised as a unique work-at-home opportunity on Internet job boards. And appointment setting firms often allow or even encourage top performers to stay at home and get to work. Several factors have come together to make appointment setting and working at home a good combination. But not every appointment setter should be counted upon to perform as well at home as he would at a more conventional office.

Appointment Setting Tools of the Trade

The first and probably most important factor that enables appointment setters to work effectively from the comfort of their own home is the increasing availability of essential technology For an appointment setter, certain tools are mandatory. These include a high-speed Internet connection, e-mail, a reliable phone line, and a fax machine. In the old days, a collection of technology such as that could only be found in a conventional office.

Now, people routinely have that sort of stuff in a den. Prices have come down and availability and variety have gone up. Professional appointment setters then augment these essentials with other helpful productivity tools, such as headsets, multiple phone lines, and call tracking software. Anything they have at the office, the dedicated appointment setter can have in the home office. From there, its up to the appointment setter to use the tools well.

Appointment Setting Cost Considerations

The needs of employees and the needs of employers dont always meet in perfect harmony, especially when it comes to money. But in the case of the capable appointment setter willing to work from home, such an ideal fit is eminently possible. For the employee (or contractor, as the case may be), a home office may be the answer to several costly questions. High gas prices, for instance, sometimes preclude certain people who live in distant areas from commuting to a conventional office.

That person can still do a great job of appointment setting. Indeed, a well-construed home office may be all they need to do exactly that. Meanwhile, employers have to pay rent on office space. And bills related to that office space. And 6.2 percent payroll tax on the wages of appointment setters treated as employees rather than contractors. It all adds up.

By providing support to a group of appointment setters who work from home, appointment setting companies can avoid those costs, and increase profit margins.

Results Matter More Than Location Where Work Takes Place

Many Americans dream of working from home and owning their own business. Once the results start rolling in, those dreams are put to the test of reality. Appointment setting can beer a wonderful service because it is so results-oriented. Every appointment setting firm is going to promise results, but not every one is going to achieve them. When results are not achieved, its then possible to separate the appointment setting form from employment. That firm can then separate its appointment setters from performance. When the appointment setting client loses, everybody loses.

But when the appointment setting client wins, and results are being achieved, appointment setters who prefer to work at home can go right ahead and do that.

When home and work go together well, the results speak for themselves.


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