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Appointment Setting Best Practices

The most popular--and perhaps the best--way to evaluate performance is by measuring results. Take the example of baseball. Players are evaluated according to certain measurable statistics, such as runs batted in, batting average, and slugging percentage. But results are not the only method for knowing whos good at what, and how good they are. Identifying indispensable skills, and then looking for people whove mastered those skills, is an equally valid method.

Moreover, looking for skill mastery can help predict the future, whereas statistics are past-based.When searching for a good appointment setting service, then, look for mastery of specific sales techniques.

Appointment Setting Foundational Technique: Mirroring

One of the most proven methods for success in appointment setting is called mirroring. Mirroring is based on the idea that people like to buy things from people who are like them. Sometimes, this manifests itself culturally, or accidentally. More likely, though, if the salesperson is skilled, mirroring is a deliberate act. Speak slowly to slow speakers, and quickly to rapid speakers. Use words the listener can understand and would use herself.

Its simple, but its proven to work.

Appointment setters have an interesting challenge because they rarely, if ever, meet their prospects face to face. Fortunately, its possible to mirror via telephone, or even via email. Any expert appointment setter should have mastered the fine art of mirroring.

Advancing the Appointment Setting Agenda: Ask for the Order

Expert appointment setters should not shy about trying to set appointments. On the contrary, they ask for the order early and often. This does not mean being pushy. Asking for the order, in fact, is a professional courtesy to the prospect. Asking for the order respects the prospects time. Asking for the order also respects the appointment setting clients time. After all, the faster this appointment is set, the faster more calls can be made and more appointments set.

Quality of appointments counts first and foremost, but the actual setting of appointments often requires a heavy volume of calls. And that takes time, so theres no use to waste anyones.

Get to the point.

Handling Appointment Setting Objections

Appointment setters do not have an easy job. No matter how good their technique, every appointment setter hears his fair share of Nos. Its whats done after that no that makes all the difference. For an expert appointment setter, no is just one more bump in the road on the way to yes. Handling objections effectively, when setting appointments, is often a function of the appointment setters knowledge of and confidence in the client that has hired the appointment setting firm.

Appointment setting clients that give their appointment setters reasons why those Nos dont make sense see positive results.

Dont Just Talk, Listen

The best appointment setters are typically excellent listeners. As important as a great script is for calling, theres no substitute for listening. Companies considering hiring an appointment setting firm are well-advised to listen, as well. See how the appointment setters display, or dont display, the essential skills needed to do the job.

Thats the way to know who deserves the job in the first place.


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