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Appointment Setting Services Deliver That Important Face-to-Face

In an age of specialization, the selling process has proven to be much more successful when different experts handle each phase. While a sales force may be splitting cold-calling duties, setting appointments might not be the strong suit of those involved. With appointment setting services, a business can concentrate on creating dynamic marketing campaigns and the sales team can focus on closing the deal.

What Appointment Setting Services Do
Despite the apparent decline of telemarketing as a sales technique, it is still one of the primary ways that businesses contact and communicate with potential buyers. In fact, many businesses invest over 90 percent of their marketing budget in appointment setting simply because it works. Professional appointment setting is an art, and appointment setting services have refined that art to make it as unobtrusive and effective as ever. From the largest Fortune 500s to brick-and-mortar start-ups, appointment setting is a vital part of the operation.

Appointment setting services combine their best practices with a business particulars to conduct telemarketing campaigns. These services have one goal--to present the product or service in the most attractive light in order to get that customer to sit down with a sales team. Appointment setters are really salespeople at heart that have mastered the art of telephone communication to break down barriers and lay the groundwork for closing deals. They use state-of-the-art call tracking software to keep up-to-the-minute records of customer lists, detailing whether theyre interested, not interested, ready to meet, or ready to buy.

Choosing an Appointment Setting Partner
This is easily one of the more critical decisions to make during the course of business operations. The right appointment setting company can multiply leads, increase sales, and keep the prospect pipeline full.

There are three primary characteristics to be in tune with when selecting a service:

  1. Do They Know the Industry? Again, this is an age of specialization. That means there are appointment setting services that focus on such industries as health care, mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, contractors, and most service oriented businesses.
  2. Can They Pitch to the Right Level? Most appointment setting services can handle communicating with homeowners. A service that isnt prepared to talk intelligently with CEOs and decision makers, however, wont get a professional business very far. Speaking with potential services to see if they have professionals that can handle the stress of highbrow clientele isnt wasted time.
  3. Can They Handle High Volume? This depends entirely on the amount of business expected on a daily basis. If businesses are expecting to set hundreds of appointments per day, they had better be sure that the appointment setting services theyre considering have the calling force to meet their needs.

The Bottom Line
As with any potential partner joining a business, a little homework goes a long way. Businesses should meet with appointment setting services to find out their capabilities and professionalism. After all, theyre going to be making the business very first contact with the customer, and there isnt another chance to make that first impression.


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