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Appointment Setting Services Should Be Part of the Sales Team

Untitled Document Outsourcing is a double-edged sword. One one side, the benefits of specialization are well known. On the other side, delegating vital responsibilities to a third party can be a risk.

Appointment setting is a good example of this dilemma. An ideal appointment setting firm frees up sales people to sell instead of endlessly prospecting. But not all appointment setting firms are ideal.

To address this issue, companies should strive to integrate the appointment setting service into the larger sales efforts of the company. Here are a few specific suggestions on how to make that integration happen:

Existing Structures Not Necessarily Defunct
Some houses need to be torn down. But others just need some remodeling.

When hiring an appointment setting service, its essential to first evaluate what systems are already in place and working well. There is no need to lose those. They can be built upon.

The simplest example of this is the company contact database. Many appointment setting services have their own proprietary technology and methodology for identifying qualified leads. And, the company contact database can provide a solid foundation for those tools.

Especially if the database has notes on who called who when and what was talked about, a good appointment setting service can use that information to set more appointments.

Build on whats already there, if at all possible.

Appointment Setting Culture Matters
Different corporations have different cultures, especially when it comes to the sales department.

Certain sales teams are aggressive. Others portray themselves as account managers, taking orders from customers but not pushing for more sales in every conversation.

Its important to match the culture of the client to the culture of the appointment setting service. This way, prospective customers have a clear and consistent perception of the company brand.

The language and style of sales can vary quite widely from industry to industry.

Appointment Setting Check Ups andamp; Changes
Another thing to consider is: What if this doesnt work?

Appointment setting services are accustomed to working in a project-based environment. A campaign might last six months or a year, after which time the appointment setting service could be dismissed.

Halfway through an appointment setting campaign, if its not working, something needs to change.

This means, first of all, that metrics indicating success or failure need to be in place going into the campaign. The obvious one is appointments set, but thats not the only one. Consider including some metrics more directly related to completed sales.

If those metrics are not being met or exceeded, its time to proceed to Plan B--and if there is no Plan B, then this relationship is in danger of ending.

However, it takes two committed partners for any relationship to work.

Stakeholders Work Harder
The fact of the matter is that appointment setting campaigns rarely last forever, and appointment setting services know that. For this reason, it can be tough to get a third party appointment setting service to buy into the company mission in the same way company employees do.

Efforts to integrate appointment setting services into the overall sales process can help everyone involved be more productive.

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