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Appointment Setting Services: Reaping the Benefits of Outsourcing to Experts

Appointment setting services provide a wide array of benefits to suit young start-ups and expanding ventures. Setting appointments is a titanic task in and of itself. A steady stream of qualified prospects is a key ingredient of success, it only stands to reason that businesses should look to an experienced, third-party provider.

Whats to Gain? Appointment Setting Benefits

Maximizing return on investment (ROI) requires the striking of a delicate balance between human and financial resources. Businesses that spread themselves too thin can suffer from a lack of production in one or several areas. Thats precisely why appointment setting services are so crucial to organizations that rely on leads.

ArticlesBase reveals several distinct advantages that companies experience by outsourcing their appointment setting activities. Expressed in terms of benefit value, heres a brief glimpse into what stands to be gained:

  • Opportunity Valuation. Utilizing a third-party appointment setter offers the illusion of enhanced positioning. Instead of the CEO contacting prospects, theyre contacted by a representative, increasing the perceived importance of the opportunity
  • Time Valuation. Cold calling is and has always been a numbers game. 100 calls may only yield 15 interests. If labor hours are worth more than the cost of a single sale, a third-party service provider only makes sense
  • Results Valuation. Appointment setters can devote the necessary time it takes to secure a face-to-face. Rarely is that accomplished with a single touch point. Leaving the monotony of the cold call to professionals lets businesses focus on more important things, like making great products

Creating a Bullet-proof Calling Script

Hiring a third-party appointment setter does not relieve the businesses from helping to shape the calling script. In fact, some partnerships work for several weeks or months developing the proper pitch. SelfGrowth discusses several considerations for building the calling script that can influence results. Creating benchmarks and measuring criteria helps focus the script throughout the campaign.

The opening is perhaps the single biggest script concern. Prospects who arent motivated to stick with the call past the first 30 seconds indicate a failure of the appointment setters script to grab attention. Opening the message with astonishing facts or key benefits is a common fix. Also, scripts that interrogate can quickly turn off a prospect. If the goal is to secure the appointment, scripts should only elicit the bare bones information to realize that goal. Finally, positioning every offer as a potential gain for the customer lets them know that the business is concerned with saving them money. Prospects should be influenced, not manipulated.

Evaluating Appointment Setting Services

BuyerZone outlines several key characteristics businesses should look for when evaluating and purchasing third-party appointment setting services. Some of these include robust communication technologies, focus, and detailed reporting. The competitive edge typically goes to industry-focused firms that already understand the nature of the business.


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