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Get Your Customers to Buy Now!

Are your customers buying as much as you would like? There is no such occasion. You want your customers to buy, and you want them to buy now. How do you facilitate this action?

Practicing employing your ‘calls to action’ will generate more leads in order to make more sales.

The following provides tips on getting your customers to react immediately.

Customers may come across an advertisement that catches their interest, but they may not react to it right away. By creating deadlines, you are prompting the customer to act quickly or opportunity will be lost.

You can incorporate an extra incentive with the deadline. For instance, a ‘buy one get one free’ deal to the first one-hundred customers.

Price jump
Some companies play the high/low game attempting to entice customers. They will lower prices for a certain amount of time letting customers know when the prices will rise again. Acting much like a sale, that period is causing the customers to react.

First time
People feel anxious trying a product or service for the first time. Companies may introduce a special for first-timers. This acts as an extra benefit for trying the product/service. They may be deciding from multiple services, but your free trial period could be the thing to get them to buy from you. To go along with the introductory period, offer a “no questions asked” refund policy. This will help assuage any concerns they may have of using your service/product for the first time.

Available only…
Some people may be interested in your product, but assume they can find it at their local Target. If this is not true, then let them know you are offering it exclusively through mail order, your Web site, etc. This will create a sense of urgency that they need to act now.

Offer something better
In order to get your customers to act now, let them know you will upgrade their order if they react within a specific timeframe. Are they ordering the ‘regular’ package? Let them know if they order within the next ten days, they can receive the ‘deluxe’ package for the same price.

Do you ever see those commercial stating if you buy (product), then they will throw in the (supplement to the product) free? This works well with customers. They feel as if they are receiving more than usual for responding to the call to action.

Be excited
The tone of voice in the commercial and the tone in the copy need to be exciting and urgent. You do not want customers to order ‘when they feel like it,’ you want them to place their order ‘now.’

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