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The Art of Appointment Setting: Making No a Good Thing

Even the most effective appointment setter is bound to encounter the word "no" with frequency. In fact, how an appointment setter responds to that word can be a very big deal. An excellent appointment setting service typically trains its staff to use "no" to develop a deeper relationship with the prospect, even if the prospect is not interested in setting up a meeting right now.

In the big scheme of things, information gathered from prospects who have refused a meeting may be as valuable as affirmative answers. But only if such information is properly harvested and used.

Appointment Setters Make a First Impression

Many appointment setting campaigns reach out to potential prospects, rather than existing customers. This means that an appointment setting is making lots of first impressions on behalf of its client. Appointment setters who take that task seriously handle the "no" word with professionalism.

By handling rejection without resorting to desperation or unpleasantness, the excellent appointment setter may create a lasting, positive impression on a potential prospect.

Needless to say, not every appointment setting firm handles "no" professionally. Those that act unprofessionally can do serious damage to the reputation of their clients, and must be avoided.

Appointment Setting Campaigns Garner Critical Data

Sometimes, it is just as important to know what a prospect does not want, as what she does want. Appointment setting services that keep track of "no" answers can help build that sort of knowledge.

Again, this is a matter of training at the individual level. The best appointment setting firms teach staff to, upon reception of a negative answer, ask why the prospect is not interested. Over the course of an appointment setting campaign, patterns should start to emerge as data is gathered.The appointment setting client then receive detailed data that can help the marketing department and even the product development team to adjust strategy to better meet the needs of potential customers.

In this sense, "no" that comes with a reason why not attached is extremely valuable.

Appointment Setters, Seeing What Is Not Working, Can Suggest Changes

The best appointment setting firms should not be afraid to tell their own clients "no." This sometimes comes into play when a client has provided an appointment setting firm with a call script that just is not getting the job done.

By confronting the client with information on the number of "no" responses and the reasons why prospects are reacting negatively, an honest and competent appointment setting service may make the second half of an appointment setting campaign astronomically more successful than the first half.

In the case of a six month appointment setting campaign, it is a shame to spend the entire time using a script that is obviously not working. And yet this commonly happens when an appointment setting firm blindly calls and calls and calls, rather than truly working in concert with clients and prospects.

Appointment setters work in the trenches, speaking to hundreds of prospects per week. Smart clients appreciate that experience, and ask how things are going with an eye towards what could be going better.


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