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Help Desk/Technical Support Outsourcing

Help Desk/Technical Support Outsourcing

Top 4 tips for Help Desk/Technical Support Outsourcing

  1. Most likely your help desk provider will also have other services available. Assess what services you need before approaching the vendor; you may be able to get a deal if you let them handle several services.
  2. Have a good idea of your expected volume of calls. You want your technical support service to be well prepared for a high number of calls in reference to time of day, week, or season.
  3. If you have in-house software, be sure to discuss whether it is compatible with the help desk services systems so you can easily exchange data.
  4. Some vendors specialize in certain areas such as technical support, whereas others handle an array of services. Think about going with a vendor which specializes if you are only looking for the one service.

How should I go about choosing a Help Desk services vendor?
  1. Think about taking the time for a site visit in order to see the workers at the technical support service. Listen in on phone calls, talk to supervisors, etc. to get a sense of how the vendor operates.
  2. Ask your technical support service provider for references and check on them.
  3. Look for a help desk service which has prior experience working in your industry. They may be able to provide insight based on previous experiences.
  4. Ask the help desk service provider how they will prepare to educate themselves on your services/products. If they are providing support, they will have to be well aware of the nature of your products and services.

It is vital to receive multiple quotes for help desk services in order to find the right match for your business.

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