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Help Desk/Technical Support FAQ

Do I really need to outsource my help desk?
It is estimated the average number of contacts per customer a month is about three. The duration of these calls is estimated to be on the rise. Recently, the number of users handled by each analyst has dropped severely. This seems to exist outside of changing technologies and systems. It may be due to the greater number of businesses in existence.

Can I trust the quality of providers handling my calls?
Providers have many ways of making sure calls are handled proficiently. Methodologies such as silent monitoring of calls, documenting actions taken towards the remedy of a problem, and on-going training of employees are implemented to ensure calls are taken with professionalism.

What is the difference between "per incident" pricing and "per call" pricing?
The former allows you to contact the help desk multiple times until an issue is resolved. The latter involves occasions where the issue involves research by analysts. Per call pricing is the most common in the industry whereby analysts provide support on the most common applications and networks.

How will I know what problems my customers had?
Most providers will keep a running log of issues the customers addressed, how they were handled, and how long and what processes were involved. Usually, the business using the outsourced helpdesk will get an update once a month with all of the logistics attached.

What if my customers have highly specialized questions that may be particular to my business?
At the start and on-going throughout the relationship with the provider, they will usually assign you a representative or liaison who will be responsible for the edification of the staff in relation to your individual business' sites, software, products, etc.

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