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How to Make Your Web Site Provide Excellent Customer Service

Did you know that your Web site is one of your employees? Your Web site interacts with consumers, speaks for your company, and accrues revenue. Your Web site may be one of the most important resources your business has. Your site is working twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for your business. This enables consumers to access your business at any time without you having to pay workers overtime and exorbitant utility bills.

Your site is your salesperson
Salespeople are an integral part of the sales process. Traditionally, the salesperson served as the bridge from the consumer to the product/service. This dynamic is lost in relation to online shopping. The salesperson is eliminated from the process leaving the consumer to interact one-on-one with the Web site.

Charming copy
On your Web site, your copy essentially becomes your company’s voice. The copy is what your consumers are going to relate to in order to make a connection to your business and its products/services. The copy must address the consumer’s concerns; it must tell what the consumer wants to know without being asked. Generally, the consumer wants to know what your products and services can do to better their situation. Your copy must paint a picture of a scenario where the consumer is in need and your products/services serve as the solution.

Not all Web sites come in black
When Ford first came out with his first line of cars, he jested that customers could have a car in any color they wanted as long as it was black. Ford was playing on the fact that the demand had to meet the supply; his cars were the only supply, so the customers had no choice in the matter.

Times have changed…tremendously. Consumers do not have to walk to another store to look for better product/services and pricing; they only need to click a button to visit another potential supplier. That means that your Web site has to be extraordinarily captivating. That sounds like it puts a lot of pressure on you, the supplier, but it is the truth. A Web site must deliver exceptional customer service.

Be accessible
Most consumers like the idea of perusing the Web at their own solitary leisure, but there will be times when they feel human contact’s warranted. Have your contact information clearly displayed on your site. Give names, titles, email addresses, and phone numbers. Real names are preferable- having an address such as: is not personable. It is suggested to establish a live chat option for Web browsers to supplement your contact information.

Return calls and emails
It is important to respond to queries as soon as possible. Not returning a call or email is comparable to letting a consumer walk through your store without having a representative offer assistance. This makes a big difference in garnering repeat and long-lasting customers. If you aren’t going to respond to queries, then you should not have contact information posted at all- and that is not a good thing.

Customers feel anxious to begin with when ordering over the Web. Make sure your site has a confirmation process established either through the phone or email. It can easily be set via email as part of your shopping cart process. Customers want a review of their order, prices, tracking numbers, and estimates of their purchase’s arrival.

As aforementioned, ordering on the Web causes some consumer-anxiety. Assuage their concerns by clearly posting a return policy. Consumers will more readily purchase from your site if they have their monetary concerns addressed without having to wonder about them.

Ready the phones
Consumers enjoy anonymity while shopping, but the bigger your site gets, the expectation of phone calls should grow. Consumers will have questions not addressed on your site or will want copy further explained by a human representative. of the business. It is important that your business’ actions fulfill the words supplied by the values and statements.

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