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Information on Outsourcing for Technical Support

Outsourcing is necessary for most small businesses. Some business models warrant a variety of services. Business managers must make the decision to adopt tasks in-house or outsource the projects to outside providers. Companies that incorporate technological products or services must provide technical support for their customers.

In an industry that offers highly similar products and services, a companys technical support efficiency makes all the difference to customers. Customers become discouraged and frustrated when confronted with technical problems and expect technical support to resolve their issues.

If a company does not have available, in-house staff able to aid customers with tech issues, then outsourcing help desk/technical support services is a viable answer.

The importance of tech support

Technical support is crucial; a company downplaying its importance will lose customers to more accommodating competitors. Customers covet tech support representatives with great experience and high availability.

It is imperative your outsourced technical support representatives master available information about your goods and services. Any weaknesses in understanding and relation to customers devalue the outsourcing project and decreases customer faith.

Advantages of outsourcing for technical support

A major benefit of outsourcing tech support is granting in-house employees time to devote towards core business needs while professionals address specific services. Outsourcing technical support or help desk services can also bring extra advantages:

  • Reduced operational costs resulting in higher revenue
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Improvements in service delivery and availability


Pricing for help desk or technical support services varies depending the needs of the business. Rates may be based on each call, each incident, time of call, or how many representatives addressed the issue. Other factors to consider relate to fixed cost/variable cost, costs per minute of call, costs per hour, how many representatives are used for your campaign, level of services, and level of technical support difficulty.

Doing research before choosing a technical support service will ensure a partner that is a good fit for a companys business needs and budget.

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