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A Business Consultant Can Help You Get a Yes

The world of business invites tremendous opportunities for those involved. Companies engage in the day-to-day tasks to build and profit. A business is a team employed with various players of varying levels. Executives and managers act as the leaders providing aid and insight to the other employees.

Smart executives understand the value of business consulting. Consultants have experience in the world of business and help owners manage their teams.

One of the most important aspects of business is interpersonal relations. Upper management needs to communicate effectively with others in their industry, their employees, and their customers.

Executives will need help from the aforementioned parties throughout their career. It is advantageous to know how to get an affirmative response in regards to asking employees for help and prompting customers to buy.

The following article offers suggestions to aid in inspiring the reply of “yes.”

Let them know of the benefit
A business consultant will tell you it is necessary to mention the benefits of the other party when asking. Whether it is asking an employee to work overtime or a customer to buy your new service, you need to let them know how the action will be advantageous to them. Make it about them and not about you.

Be positive
Do not concentrate on why the person may refuse your request; business consultants urge you to focus on the positive outcomes. An employee will want to work overtime because they will make more money and the customer will want to buy your services because it will make their life easier. Your own mentality will affect your delivery and their response.

Be kind
When asking something of an employee, let them know you notice their efforts and skills and that is why you are asking something of them – because you know they can get the job done.

If you are offering products or services to customers, then let them know that they deserve the best, and your business is committed to serving them and you appreciate their business.

Be honest
You do not want any parties to feel they were duped into doing something in which they would not completely approve. Be completely honest when asking. Let your employee know how much time and effort will be involved in the overtime task and let your customer know how much your services will cost.

Be a listener
The party may have concerns about your request. Listen to them in order to empathize. Your employee may want to spend time with their children rather than work overtime and the customer may want to check on services other than yours. It is important to place yourself in their position.

Can you both win?
Exercise your ingenuity to engineer the scenario to be mutually advantageous. Is there any possibility for a win-win situation? If your employee works overtime for you this time, will you give them extra time off in the future to spend with their kids? If the customer finds a better price, will you meet or beat that price?

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