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Sales Talk: It is Not What You Say, but How You Say It

Do you have complications getting your clients to understand what you are trying to communicate to them? It is not an uncommon phenomenon, and its occurrence does not make you a poor salesperson. It just means you need to alter your approach.

I had an English teacher who was a huge fan of analogies. He would find out what each student’s main interest was, and when he was attempting to teach a concept, he would use analogies based on their hobbies. It was very effective and it made it easier to apprehend an insight.

When making sales, we need to communicate effectively with our prospects. Consider the following:

Choose select parcels of information
Analyze your prospect beforehand and when presently talking with them as well. Ask a good amount of questions in order to understand their needs and expectations. Make it about them and not about you.

You do not need to give them an overdose of information about your goods and services. You only need to tell them pertinent information. This means you need to break your advertising and marketing information into pieces. You want to select the most powerful parcels of information to deliver to your prospect.

Provide knowledge and not figures
Many advertisers will throw numbers at clients in order to impress them, yet clients cannot properly put the information into perspective if they are not in your industry or familiar with certain elements.

You need to relate information in the same manner as my English teacher. You do not have to inquire about their interests (though it could help), but provide information in a way that is relatable to their industry or point of view.

Put things in context
You need to incase your data in surroundings – you need to put things into context. For instance, if you can state your products are not sold in bulk, this may discourage some buyers. If you say your products are not sold in bulk and they are the only one of its kind not to be sold in bulk (which makes it more popular to consumers), then buyers will be more intrigued. You have created more of a context in order for the client to understand your data more clearly.

Be a student of the situation
A good salesperson can make the sale whenever there is a remote need. That means they will be able to leverage the situation and persuade the buyer into making a purchase whether it is an immediate need or an incipient desire.

You need to become a student of the situation. Meaning you need to know your consumer, their current state, and how to infuse your product and service into the two. Address facts and information to meet your client’s needs.

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