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Laying Your Sales Pipeline

Do you want to make quality sales? Of course you do. Quality leads begets quality sales. Your company must utilize its resources to generate great leads.

Consider the following:

Call on them
Do not disregard sticking to the basics. Get leads by leveraging emails and telemarketing. These are the most simple and two of the most effective ways to generate leads. Some salespeople are too afraid to be persistent. You can be resourceful about attracting leads without harassing customers. Let them know it is in their best interest to listen to what you have to say.

Cold calling is not always successful. Most times, there is a considerably greater chance of a call being successful when preceded by an email.

Who are you calling?
It is important to consider your list of callers and mail recipients before making any actions. Think about acquiring a list from a list broker, making your own list based on market research surveys, or using another method of amassing information. The main objective is to evolve those interested into habitual buyers. Locate the population that has the greatest need for your products and services.

What are you going to say?
What you say is just as important as who you call. You want to captivate your customers by alerting them of the benefits your product/service can provide to them. Pose a situation that would warrant an action by them and make your product/service be the remedy to the situation. People have needs, it is the job of your sales force to be aware of the needs of your target market and address how your products/services can satiate them.

Take the extra steps
The aforementioned steps are only the beginning. Your salespeople must ask themselves, “How badly do I want to make the sale?” There are extra steps to take in order to solidify the sale.

- Orchestrate compelling sales letters. Make them personal, captivating, and affixed with a call to action.
- Continue to make calls. Making calls is not the most popular form of generating sales, but effective and necessary.
- Salespeople need to live with a tough outer layer of skin. Many people will not be interested in your products/services, but many people will be interested in making a purchase. Be able to brook the former in order to come in to contact with the latter.
- You need to put in the time towards your efforts. Dedicate a portion of your week towards generating and kindling leads. Delegate responsibility to others to follow up or do it yourself at a different time.
- Assess and measure often. You want to keep track of the success of your efforts.
- Be prepared to make modifications when warranted. Some recipes will work, and others will go sour. Stay versatile and stay positive.
- Continue to educate yourself and the rest of your sales team. There is no limit to how much you can learn about your industry, your competitors, new technology, etc.

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