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Using Sales Consulting Knowledge to Increase Your Revenue

You offer spectacular products/services to the public. The main hurdle is getting your customers to think the same. Your sales teamís job is to align your target market with your products/services.

Many executives use incentives to galvanize their sales. Consultants agree awards motivate people. How are you stimulating your sales team? Orchestrate your own program that will work.

Why some incentive programs do not work
People are motivated in different ways. Some people will increase their drive for monetary awards, yet others are attracted to the intrinsic feeling of being one of the best. There is no objective formula.

Sales consultants observe most sales are generated by a small percent of the force. The top sales people are not the ones you need to motivate; it is the next tier of workers you want to energize. Having them increase their productivity will double your sales. Therefore, attempting to find a one-size fits all program is not what you are looking for.

Incentive programs can become complex. Your employees want to know exactly what accounts for exemplary sales. Consultants urge making your incentive program easily understood and free of ambiguity.

How can my team be successful? - Sales consultants prompt executives to educate their sales team. This can be done through additional training, meeting individually with sales consultants, attending workshops, etc. Without proper training, even the most skilled salesperson will not reach their full potential.

- Study the competition. Competitors can illuminate what tactics to employ and which ones to do without. You do not have to reinvent the wheel nor do you have to repeat the unfortunate history of others.

- When incorporating awards as incentives in regards to sales, consultants recommend providing them immediately. The award which initially served as the fuel can become an anticlimactic entity if a lot of time elapses before its reception.

- Recognition is appreciated. Salespeople want to know when they are doing a great job. They want their acclaim noted by their superiors and their cohorts. Any exterior award should be complemented by accolades.

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