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Why a Telemarketing Service that Plays by the Rules is Golden

Has there been any industry that has gotten a worse rap in the past decade than telemarketing services? First, the Federal Trade Commission slams the door with the Do Not Call registry and then follows that move up by waffling over enforcement. Telemarketing is still around for one reason and one reason only: it works. Coupled with a little direct marketing savvy, telemarketing is still a viable way to build a brand.

Telemarketing as a Branding Tool
For a telemarketing service to be truly effective, it needs to have some clearly defined boundaries to shape its activity. According to Marketing M.O., the primary functions that a telemarketing service should serve include:

  • Generating leads. The true cold call. It can be effective in the perfect markets, but is seldom the foundation for a successful marketing campaign.
  • Qualifying interested prospects. If potential customers respond to a landing page or send in a coupon by snail mail, telemarketing springs into action to see how serious that prospect is.
  • Conducting market research. Telemarketing can help find ways to improve products, services, or industries. Sneaking in a little offer here or there also helps.

Just What Telemarketing Data Should Be Measured?
The core component of any meaningful telemarketing campaign is metrics. Just what needs to be measured? What data should the call software track on a daily basis? In Demandblog, Jason Stewart proposes a fairly substantial list of telemarketing service metrics that should be measured and used to drive practices:

  • Lead information and leads passed. The new leads passed to sales reps over the week, a listing of initial meetings that were scheduled to occur, and what to expect in the next week
  • Database detail. A predominantly graphic-oriented section that shows percentages of important information, like: names that have been dialed, who has been contacted, and how many fresh leads await
  • Conversation detail. Allows training and retraining callers to improve their pitch. Also enables targeting specific titles in potential companies and gets reps through to them faster

Choosing an Outbound/Inbound Telemarketing Service the Right Way
Putting things into perspective before adding telemarketing to a business brand-building efforts will pay off. After nailing down what a business requires from the aforementioned points, the next step is auditioning various companies for the spot. A few things to consider:

  • This is an age of specialization. Chances are, theres a telemarketing service that caters to most every industry.
  • Discussing a business strategy helps draw clear lines about who is responsible for what. Creating a communication process that addresses problems quickly will also nip long-term issues in the bud.
  • Telemarketing companies may play highlight tapes to exemplify their services, but sitting in on live calls paints a more accurate picture of their service quality and how their callers control the conversation.

Marketing M.O.

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