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How to Cater to the Customer

The customers make or break a business. When customers are happy, they continue to buy, thus prompting others to buy as well. When customers are dissatisfied, they cease to buy and word travels quickly about the inefficiency of your products and services.

How can we make and keep our customers happy in order to build our businesses? Consider the following:

Give them a choice
Years ago, if you had a product or service that had no direct competitors, then you could dictate what you offered the customers. Next, producers became more user-friendly by presenting options and creating varieties of products and services.

Now, the pendulum has shifted the other way. Customers understand there are many suppliers to choose from for most of their products and services. They want purchases to be customized to their liking. If you do not give them a choice in regards to what they are buying, then they will use their money elsewhere.

Customers want the best value for their money. They are beginning to not only focus on the cost of a product or service, but how much it offers them in return.

Be able to bend
We like to make it easy on ourselves. When things are uniformly produced, it costs less, is easier to market, and troubleshooting is simplified. It is an advantage for producers to look at buyers in general terms.

Buyers want to be recognized as individuals. We must comply with their wants. We need to bend on our own policies and procedures. What is right for one customer may be wrong for the other. We need to make our policies pliable to allow exceptions. The more we recognize individuality, the more customers we can satisfy.

Assuage their concerns
People value their money, health, and safety. There have been many incidents in recent years that have raised the concerns of consumers. Consumers want to pledge allegiance to a company that they can trust. If customers do not have any reasons to be concerned, and feel at ease with your company, then they will become loyal buyers.

Provide Information
Buyers want to make educated purchases. There are great numbers of companies to choose from, so in order to make the best choice, they need to have knowledge. Companies that provide potential customers with data will see a strong return on their educational investment.

Customers do not want to feel as if producers are hiding things from them. They assume that if you have a great product or service, you will have no qualms divulging information on the subject.

Give them quality
Customers want quality of service. Your workers do not have to be overly excited or inhumanly nice; they only need to deliver quality service to the customers. Sales teams need to focus on the individuality of the customer and then tailor their own behaviors to suit the customerís needs. Give the customers an experience when they do business with your company.

Make it timely and convenient
Shopping on the Web has consistently increased over the last ten years. Consumers are finding it to be more convenient to shop from their own homes. These same customers also want their merchandise delivered or made available in a timely fashion. There will be no excuse for businesses that cannot offer convenience and saved time; if you cannot provide these benefits, then your competitors will.

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