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How to Use the Radio for Exposure

Marketing and advertising can quickly spend your company dollars. A smaller business cannot afford to compete with bigger competitors. How can you level the playing field? The media can act as an equalizer. Getting your business media exposure will bring attention to your company without having to do a lot of spending.

How can the media help you? By writing articles about your company, having your executives act as resources for television programs, letting your boss speak about the industry on radio, etc., the media can serve your business well.

Many business people listen to the radio before, during, and after work each day. In addition, the popularity of podcasts has given business people a rejuvenated outlook on sound media.

Do you want to make an impact on the radio? Read the following.

Set a goal
What do you want out of the experience? Do you want your company to gain acclaim as a resource for fulfillment insights? Do you want clients to know you are one of the leading physicians in your field? Predetermine what you want to achieve from your opportunity to be on the radio.

Aim for your target
There are thousands of radio outlets. Which ones are you going to target? First, you have to locate the audience that will appreciate what you have to offer and will become a customer in return. Do you do business locally? If so, look for a local station. Do you want to make an impact on a national scale? If the answer is yes, then find a station with programs pertinent to your industry that broadcasts all over the country.

Whatís in it for the listeners
You must understand the experience is not about you. Yes, you want the fame and exposure, but it comes at a price. What do you have to offer the listeners? In order to pitch to producers effectively, you will have to make them understand you can deliver something of interest to their audience.

Let them know you are there
Do some research and find the right stations with programs befitting to your knowledge. Make an outline of what you have to offer and modify your pitch for each station. You have the ability to alter your pitch in twenty different ways in order to tailor them to each station. General pitches will fail. You need to know the radio program well and let the producer know you can add value to the listenerís experience.

Be natural
Doing the radio show should be the easiest part. You should already know what you want to say, so the broadcast will consist of verbalizing your thoughts. Be sure to be concise and intelligently cover all of your points. Think like the listener. If you were one of them, what would you find useful? What would you want to hear?

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