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Six Start-Up Mistakes Rookies Make

Everyone makes mistakes. Learning from the mistakes of others can put you in a better position to make fewer of your own. The following article lists six common blunders often made by those involved in a start-up business make.

Business start-up mistake Number 1. Automatically calling back
Most businesspeople are very meticulous about their working habits. They understand that paying attention to customers and contacts is important. Businesspeople sometimes see a number on their caller id box and feel the need to call the number back immediately. After all, it could lead to a potential lead or sale.
This is a mistake. Do not call back a number without knowing the preexisting circumstances. You may be put in an uncomfortable situation. You should always be prepared and have as much information as possible going into every business situation. If a person does not leave a message and some context to base your return call upon, then do not call back.

Business start-up mistake Number 2. Not listening to voice messages
It is never safe to assume or get ahead of yourself. Businesspeople sometimes recognize a number and automatically call back without listening to the message left. This comes across as unprofessional and premature. Why would you want the person to repeat themselves again? If you are calling them back, then they are safe to assume you know their original reason for calling and you are now ready to take the next steps in the process. Otherwise, you are wasting precious business time.

Business start-up mistake Number 3. Do not receive calls during meetings or events
Many business consulting authorities agree that answering cell phones during meetings and events is a mistake. Many people take offence to interruptions that can be avoided. Of course, there are exceptions, such as taking a call from your childrenandNumber 8217;s school, but these occasions are few. Leave your cell phone on vibrate and let the person leave a message. In the case of an exigent call, let other people know that it is an emergency and that you must take the call. Many people are understanding and will appreciate your consideration.

Business start-up mistake Number 4. Giving email addresses to deserted accounts
Many people have multiple email addresses. One could be for work, another for personal use, another for your start-up, etc. Having multiple addresses is fine, but make sure that you check all of them regularly if you are giving the address out to business contacts. If a person emails you and does not hear back they may think that you are not interested in speaking with them or that you are not professional.

Business start-up mistake Number 5. Not following up with a phone call
We have become a society dependent on the Web and its associated tools. We assume emailing is enough to nurture an ongoing business relationship. It is not. Phone calls are necessary. Integral information can be exchanged through an email, but phone calls are more personal. They contain a tone of voice, inflection, and a personality. Startup businesspeople need to insert their personalities into their relationships with contacts in order to make them strong.

Business start-up mistake Number 6. Using a line for both business and personal use
Those beginning their start-up out of their residence may use their home lines as their business lines as well. There needs to be a separation between your home and work life. Even if you are working out of your house, you need to designate times, space, and equipment devoted to your business and away from your personal life. Imagine how a potential business associate would grade your level of professionalism if your business line was answered by a child or relative.

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