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Data entry services FAQ

Will I get a disk copy of the completed work?
Most providers will send you all completed work through the Internet and send a disk copy of your data entry services if that is requested

What means of communication is preferred?
Email may be the most convenient means for both parties, but phone and fax contacts are regularly used as well.

Is there a limit to the number of projects I can outsource?
Most providers will say, "Absolutely not, give us as many as you want."

Is pricing gauged by the hour or by project?
This may depend on the individual provider and each individual project.

Is training done in-person or remotely?
This also depends on the project. Shorter and less-involved projects will most likely warrant over-the-phone counseling via a teleconference. For longer, more detailed projects, it is suggested to get together with the provider regardless of what there suggestions may be.

What will the turn-around be like? Will small jobs be addressed quickly?
The turn-around will depend on the size of the provider and what the logistics of the job will be. Most providers will be able to do smaller jobs quickly (1 - 3 days).

How will I know the provider's workers will give their 100%?
Productivity is recorded and reported each day and is provided upon request or the reception of the reports can be agreed upon beforehand.

What happens to the data and documents after they are used by the provider?
Most providers will say it depends on what the client wants. Hard copies, books, etc. are sent back or destroyed. Processed data are kept in back-up files until the clients do not foresee any future need of them.

Do providers give free samples, pilots, test runs, or trials?
That will depend on each provider, but it is not uncommon. Providing a free example gives the customer a better idea of the quality of work they can expect and with this information the customer will better ascertain a competitive quote.

What will be the cost of keeping the entries up-to-date?
Providers will suggest keeping entries up-to-date. They will devote people to your project on a daily basis for a month-to-month fee. It will be up to the customer to decide how many men they would like devoted to the project and for how long they would like the provider to work on the specific case.

How does the data get input?
It depends on each client's requirement. Most providers will tell you that if the image is very clear and can easily be scanned, then the information can be digitized. Of course the information can be keyed in directly from a hard copy as well.

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