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Data Entry Outsourcing: Regaining Control of the Worlds Most Valuable Resource

Time is limited. Work is not.

Therefore, it may be a superb decision to outsource data entry jobs to a third-party data entry service.

The staff of a company is composed of people caught up in any number of projects simultaneously. Data entry, generally speaking, is not the favorite activity of many employees. Although the value of data entry is indisputable, data entry is not necessarily how employees want to spend their time. Is that why data entry jobs never seem to get done on time?

Quite possibly.

Is there a better way?

Quite possibly.

Data Entry and the Famous Four-Hour Work Week

Entrepreneur Timothy Ferris wrote a provocatively-titled book called The Four-Hour Work Week, which espouses the notion that work doesnt have to take up much time in order to be fruitful. Other business books have hit on this same idea: each employee should be making the "best and highest use" of his or her time.

In the majority of companies and with the majority of employees, data entry is not the highest and best use of time. Not that data entry is not important, because it absolutely is. Data entry is the foundation upon which a massive company database is constructed. And massive company databases are what help modern companies excel.

But just as engineers can better use their time (and talent) engineering than sweeping floors, it is a shame, sometimes, to see an employee who could be doing a more productive task stuck doing data entry for weeks on end.

Yes, the job needs to be done, and done well, but not by someone who would be more productive doing something else.

Data Entry Services Offer Quality Work--On Their Own Time

The above should not be taken to indicate that data entry services are filled with people who cannot do something more productive, so they are stuck doing data entry. That is far from true.

In fact, in todays modern business world, a data entry service is likely headed up by someone who has extensive experience and knowledge of database architecture and management. Such a person can direct his or her employees to not only enter data but organize it in the best fashion possible, based upon the needs of the client.

In this sense, data entry services are similar to any other business, in that they do what they do well because they have specialized in it. Twenty years ago, data entry may have been a menial job, but todays databases can become frightfully complex, even if those that start out simple.

Is the corporate IT guy, besieged with other projects, really equipped to handle a large, complex data entry job? Possibly not. Dedicated data entry services, however, are waiting for that call.

Data Entry Services Are Astonishingly Affordable

The "virtual work force" is a reality now, with millions of freelance workers around the world willing to do data entry work at astonishingly affordable prices. When supervised by a database expert, that collection of workers becomes a powerful force that can knock out huge jobs rapidly.

When time can be bought so cheaply, there may even seem to be more of it.


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