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How to Be a Successful Project Manager

Where would business be without project managers? These workers play an integral part in any industry. They serve as the overseers of many endeavors and may be the deciding factor in determining if a pursuit is a failure or success. Traditionally, project managers would be hired from within, but due to the prevalence of business to business outsourcing, it is possible to hire the services of project management.

There are certain attributes and methods to be employed by project managers to ameliorate the rate of success. The following article will present key principles practiced by project managers:

Project Manager Tips
- Project managers need to make sure elements are addressed on time, are done within budget, and produced at a level of high quality.

- Project managers need to plan and constantly modify their plans until projects are completed. The plans need to be systematic, detailed, and team-involved. Things seldom go as planned; so, project managers need to be creative, tenacious, and resourceful.

- Projects have some elements of pliability, but they are finite. This means that there is a limited amount of time and money to be invested into each project and the tempo begins with the project manager. They must check on other workers at each step of the process.

- Project managers must call upon experience, insight, and intuition during the duration of the project. Projects have a timeframe and seasoned managers will be able to craft the cycle of the process to be done in the most timely and efficient manner. This means knowing "who" to assign "what" and "when."

- The project manager needs to inspire the teams vision of the finished project. There needs to be a tangible sense of a completed task shared by all the projects members.

- Most projects cannot be addressed in a beginning-to-end manner. The projects will be best completed when broken into sections. The project manager needs to decide how the main project will be segmented and needs to complete a timeline for each portion.

- Managers need to keep pertinent executives informed of the ongoing process. Others who are invested in the project have a right to know how the final project will look before it is completed. The project manager is to act as an advisor to those involved and as a liaison to executives.

- During the course of the project, the manager needs to assess if there is enough materials, manpower, and time to successfully complete the assignment. This is a part of constantly gauging and reassessing the evolution of the project.

- Invested parties will often have unrealistic assumptions and expectations about a project. It is up to the project manager to be a leader and to relay the pragmatic logistics of the given project to all related parties. If there is not enough time provided to produce a quality end result, the project manager must let the reality of the situation be known.

- Project managers need to be forthright with executives and command the respect and status that their task warrants. It will not be easy for executives to defer power to managers, but it may be a necessity in order to get the project completed successfully. A project manager needs to be a complete leader (even to their superiors).

- Information about the importance of the end result must constantly be relayed by the project manager. The project essentially becomes the "offspring" of the manager, so the ideals and purpose of the project needs to be nurtured and conveyed by the manager.

- Project managers are the ones who should do the recruiting for the process. They will be managing the people primarily throughout the project, so they should know what people have the attribute to get the job done efficiently. The project manager needs to become the "CEO" of the project. Though the manager has their superiors, the manager should be in control of the project.

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