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IT Staffing Services FAQ

How big is the staffing industry?
It is estimated that the staffing industry accrued $87 billion in sales in 2006, $72 billion from temporary and contract staffing, and $15 billion in search and permanent placement services.

What factors attribute to the industry?
The structure of America's work force seems to be changing. More people are seeking the convenience of a flexible work schedule. Companies are also looking for flexibility; businesses will look to become more fully staffed during busy times.

How long do people normally maintain temporary jobs?
It depends on the position; most people conduct the assignment for hours, days, weeks, or months at a time. There is always the option of a temporary employee staying with the company and being hired full-time.

What kinds of IT jobs can be staffed?
IT staffing services can be applied to any IT area. All positions in the informational technology spectrum can be staffed, from executives to entry positions.

What kind of pay and benefits do temporary and contract employees receive?
Most staffing agencies provide highly competitive wages and benefits to attract high-quality workers. On average, a temporary or contract employee earns about $12 per hour. Most providers offer benefits to temporary or contract employees.

What services can staffing companies provide?
Staffing providers offer a wide range of servicers including temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and permanent placement, outsourcing, outplacement, training, and human resource consulting.

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