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Hints of Commercial Printing

Baby Steps to Success
Nothing good comes quickly. Find a top-notch manufacturer and select one or two clients to work with. Let your quality work speak for itself, word-of-mouth is one of the most celebrated marketing tools.

"The best ad is a good product."

Services to Use
Try using trade-only sources. Using wholesale or trade-only printing services and manufacturers maintains account security. These sources are not as likely going to be your direct competition.

Your Job Doesn't Stop With the Press
Attention to detail should never be overlooked or underestimated in considering the consumer. A nicely done job can become a terribly done one if it isn't executed properly. Finishing services such as collating, tabbing, folding, trimming, etc. take time and are integral to the process.

Talk the Walk
Specialized lingo is the same for commercial printing as it is for rocket science. Take time to educate yourself on industry terms to better enable communication with customers and manufacturers. Here is a helpful link to a printing glossary: Remember that the game is always changing and keeping up with the language is a big part of it.

Refer to the Customer
Continuously keep the customer involved in the process. 'Press checks' are conducive to a good customer-servicer relationship in the printing service industry. Make sure that you know the expectations of the client and you are providing constant feedback to calm any anxieties that they may have during the process.

Define Deadlines
Many commercial printing projects will be directly tied to sales and advertising campaigns, so make sure there is a well-defined deadline from the beginning and do not deter from it. Imagine missing the deadline for a client hosting a one-day sale (that will solidify the fact you won't be making any more sales with them).

Great Expectations
From the very beginning, make sure that all of the expectations are crystal from both ends. You want your customer to be exceedingly satisfied with their printing services and your business will want that satisfaction that comes from a satisfied customer.

"A satisfied customer is the best advertisement."

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