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Preparing for a Commercial Loan

Smaller businesses desire the profits of larger companies. It is common to need commercial loans either at the start of a business venture, or at a later point to purchase equipment, expand the business, or support special projects. It is important for a business to make an excellent impression and learn of different options and approaches. With proper planning and execution, a small business will emulate the revenue collections of larger companies.


The following is a list of suggestions and tips for consideration in reference to commercial loans:

- Know your options. Review options from various sources. Compare the benefits of receiving funds from a bank or commercial lender.

- Hire a commercial real estate attorney. Do this at the beginning of the process. They are able to refer you to sources and knowledgeable of the process.

- Organize a plan before going to the lender. Lenders want to see a viable plan for using their money.

- Lenders also want to see the receiver donating their own money into the project. Have a considerable amount of your own cash available at the onset of the endeavor.

- Review your balance sheet at the start of the process. Be sure your business will not suffer due to debt. Business should function normally or above normal during the process.

- Know the language and the terms of receiving a commercial loan in order to negotiate the best deal possible. This is a process warranting an attorney’s presence.

- Do not always return to the same lender. There are deals constantly forming through various venues; talk to and visit multiple sources.

- Contact the SBA (Small Business Administration). They will provide advice and loan options.

- Organize all of your documentation and formulate a cohesive explanation of why your plan is fiscally realistic.

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