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Elementary Marketing

Marketing requires a great deal of creativity. Marketers seldom originate something new; usually, gambits and approaches are recycled with little distinction. Ideally, a marketer seeks to use their ingenuity to provide customers with something they have never experienced before.

Creativity can come from anywhere and anyone. Many successful marketers are well-schooled in their field having attended a four year university; yet, aside from tweed jacketed professors, there is much to be learned from a younger crowd of scholars – elementary school children.

It sound outrageous to consider learning about the world of business from someone who has yet to master their shoelaces and uses the Wall Street Journal for arts and crafts, but young children have a unique way of looking at the world that can be applied to a marketing campaign.

Grow young
Marketing needs to be fresh and innovative. Imagination and creativity are the cornerstones of triumphant advertising. A unique way to engineer your marketing initiatives is to think, well, like a child. Forget that you are going gray and your eyesight isn’t what it used to be; remember what it used to be like before you began getting older.

Break the rules
Many breakthroughs in science, art, and business have been the result of a person or a group of people thinking outside of normal thought patterns. I am not saying to jeopardize the integrity of your business, but do not be afraid to do things differently.

Start with your favorite
There are many nuances of marketing, but many practitioners are especially educated or have a penchant for one or a few. Concentrate on these areas. Think about how you can augment what you have already done in order to make it something new and better.

Outside the box
Do not limit your possibilities by remaining in your niche or in your industry. Seek inspiration from other industries and integrate them to fit into your own campaign. Merging ideas and looking for connections that are not immediately visible can be used to your company’s advantage.

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