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How to Send a Business Email

People underestimate the power of email.. An email is essentially an extension of yourself, your company, or others Business to Business Emailingthat are in league with you. Think about making a first impression: most likely you want to make it a great one. It is good practice to always construct your emails with this in mind. You are communicating with others and want them to know that you are considerate and they are worth your time and grace. Business-to-business emails are the same as person-to-person emails. The integrity and character of your business is attached to the email whether you choose to accept it or not.

"Who brings good news may knock boldly."

Be News Worthy
Before beginning to write your email, there should be a newsworthy and captivating reason for sending one out in the first place. An upcoming charity, merger/acquisition, promotion/modification of the executives, or big sale are all examples of important events that others would care to be informed of. Make sure that if there is information supplied as to where and how to take the next step or to look further.

Mesmerize Them With Your Headline
A subject line is a vital component of a successful email. People in business receive a plethora of Mesmerizing Headlineemails everyday, and those without headlines are most likely to get passed over or ultimately deleted without being opened. You want to originate something that will grab their attention (it should directly have to do with the content of the email). The title can be creative and catchy (people enjoy ingenuity), but make it germane to the body of the message.

Make the Main Idea Immediately Known
The main idea or purpose of the email should be almost immediately apparent within the first couple of lines. Though you may have a well-developed email, most people do not, so the reader will begin to get weary an disengage if the importance of the message is not immediately manifested. Depending on your relationship (if any at all) with the receiver, keep it short and sweet. Again, the business day runs like a New York minute, so you need to be concise and to the point. There will be some leeway if the receiver has heard from you before and there is an established rapport already, but you still do not want to come across as prolix and lengthy.but you get the idea.

Wow the Reader
The main objective is to WOW the reader; you want to captivate and maintain their attention. You want to convince them that they are privileged to have received the message and like to find out more. Secondary information about the business, yourself, and the industry does not need to be stated unless it directly relates to the main idea of the message. Choosing the right words and maintaining proper grammar throughout are necessary. The email is a reflection upon you and the business, you wouldnt want to mar reputation based on a misplaced comma or using the wrong tense (it is the little things that count).

"News is a business, but it is also a public trust."

Use Relevant Attachments and Links
Apposite AttachmentAttachments and links should be addressed in the same manner as the body of the email. Use them only if they are directly relevant to the body of the message, but dont overload the receiver with too many. Overloading will just cause anxiety on their part and they will begin to consciously (or subconsciously) lose interest. Make sure your attachments are as legitimate as the body of the message and any links supplied takes them to a site they and their computer (no viruses) would not mind perusing.

Tips to Go...
Here are some other insights to consider in constructing a business-to-business email:

- Avoid mass-mailings unless you are absolutely sure that everyone would like to be a recipient of the email.

- Dont make anymore than two to three maximum announcements in the email. The message should be only about three paragraphs at most with three sentences to four in each.

"Technology: the invention, manufacture, and use of tools."

- If the message is in reference to a weekly newsletter or blog, make sure you first inform the person that they are invited to take part in them. Do not assume that they would like to get it first and then decide if they would utilize it or not.

- Put as much contact information in the email as possible. This will let the recipient know that you are a legitimate business person with nothing to hide and that you would like to be reflexively contacted by them.

- Give the recipient one more email if you do not get a response, but no more than two. They will have your information if they would like to get back to you. You dont want anyone to feel as if they are being harassed.

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