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Why Being New to Online Marketing May Be a Good Thing

Beginners luck is a thing that cannot be physically seen or held, but everyone knows it exists.

In the world of online marketing, luck is not to be counted upon. Nevertheless, beginners that have never utilized search engine marketing may find themselves at an advantage as they begin to use this advertising channel. While these advantages are more attributable to perspective than luck, these advantages are nonetheless real and available--to those who play their cards right.

New SEM Customers Can Get Some Killer Deals

Small businesses who have not used the services of an online marketing firm are likely to be able to strike a fantastic deal for a first round of search engine marketing. SEM companies not only compete fiercely against each other for new business, but are very confident in their product, and thus they often follow the "first one free" (or cheap) model.

Small businesses do not usually have the budgets to pay top dollar, but they typically pay for what works, and once they find what works, they may use it again and again. SEM companies know that dynamic and seek to capitalize on it. Small business owners should negotiate a low starting price, and then make sure that any results are clearly verified before engaging in a more continuous online marketing arrangement.

Search Engine Marketing Newbies Focused on the Right Idea: Customer Acquisition

Besides the never-to-be-underestimated advantage of being able to buy a product for dramatically less than its worth, newcomers to online marketing may also be in a special position to become excited about online marketing without becoming committed to it. That is to say, small business owners often view online marketing purely as a means to an end:

The acquisition of new customers.

Like the hedgehog from the classic business book, From Good to Great, new online marketers may know only one thing, but its the most important thing, so thats a positive.

Easy to Think Outside the Box When There Is No Box

For small business owners arriving a bit late to the online marketing party, there is no box to begin with, so thinking outside the box is very easy.

The box that must be thought outside of, when it comes to online marketing, includes beliefs such as Google is the only search engine that matters, online marketing is only worthwhile for companies engaged in selling stuff online, and online marketing is completely quantifiable.

This last misnomer--that online marketing is completely quantifiable--would seem to be true because SEM firms generate such amazingly detailed statistical reports. And yet, according to a McKinsey study, fully 52 percent of business decision-maker respondents said that online marketing was unappealing because assessing its impact was too difficult to measure.

New small business owners, then, may be one catalyst that pushes the online marketing industry to come up with more compelling ways of measuring the impact of online marketing on the main number that matters: revenues.


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