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Online Marketing Services: Web Site Advertising

While Web site advertising is almost always a component of any advertising campaign, the same cannot be said of print and broadcast. Global and national ad agencies can handle online advertising, but the need for small, relatively inexpensive, standalone Web site advertising has given rise to companies that specialize in online marketing services. These companies build and place ads especially designed for the Internet. Here are some of the online marketing services they provide:

Online Marketing Services Hone Messaging

The purpose of some advertising is to create awareness--to help the consumer remember the name of a company or product and where it fits in the market. This type of advertising is referred to as brand building. Another type of advertising is designed to identify potential buyers by getting them to take some action. A click for more information, a download of a coupon or white paper, a response to a blog post, or the purchase of a ticket, product, or virtual product are all examples of measurable audience responses. Online marketing services help clients clarify why they are advertising and construct messaging to meet their requirements.

Online Marketing Services Build Ads

Online marketing services build everything from simple text ads for display on search results pages to entire campaigns. Text and graphics must be coded to work for the lowest common denominator of delivery speed over the Internet and for all sizes of computer screens, so online marketing services usually employ HTML and Flash developers, along with account managers, copywriters, and experts in marketing metrics.

Online Marketing Services Place Ads

Once one or more ads are created that accurately reflect the clients message, the ads are ready to go live on the Internet. Companies offering online marketing services are often paid separately for their creative work and for measurable actions by customers, such as clicking on a link. Thus online marketing services, just like their clients, have a vested interest in a campaigns success.

Online Marketing Services Monitor Results

One of the best things about website advertising is that the results are almost instantly available. Depending on where an advertisement is running and what analytics are being used, information on performance is usually immediate and detailed. Online marketing services help clients make sense of the data and provide analysis that helps clients make decisions.

Online Marketing Services Analyze Progress

Even when an ad is performing well, there is always a possibility it could do better. Online marketing services can suggest modifications that might boost ad performance. Besides immediate feedback on specific ads, online marketing services sometimes provide quarterly or annual reports about competitors online advertising expenditures and performance (although the competitors names are sometimes masked).

There are many valuable services that online marketing services provide to their clients. With the complexities of Web site advertising, it is much easier, cheaper and faster to find a reputable firm to direct online marketing campaigns. Contact the marketing departments of companies that have a strong Web presence or whose ads are worthy of emulation, and ask who they rely on for outside help. Then contact those online marketing services for a consultation. Happy prospecting!


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