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Pay Per Click Plus Natural Search: A Great Combination

Everyone agrees that people use the Web to find stuff. For those wishing to sell stuff to those searchers, the question is how best to be found. On that topic, there is considerably less than universal agreement.

Some people claim that pay per click marketing, well done, is all thats needed to attract targeted traffic. Others assert that pay per click advertising is overrated, and showing up in natural search results is what really matters, because searchers automatically discount paid ads.

The reality is that its not an either/or situation. Far better to make both strategies work together towards the same end: being found.

Clever Keyword Choices Are Key

Even when pay per click optimization works, which it often does, and even when its affordable, which it often is, its still a recurring monthly cost, and businesses always have to be careful with those.

One way of getting noticed while staying on budget is to use the right keywords--meaning, in this case, the keywords means the keywords that not everyone is bidding on. In short, the cheap keywords.

As it happens, this is a perfect opportunity for pay per click management to work directly with natural search engine optimization efforts. Choose a few quirky, off-the-beaten-track keywords, and buy them up for the paid ads, but then augment the paid side of things by building some quality editorial content around those same keywords, so as to rank high in the natural search results.

This way, companies have the chance to show up in two places, on the same search. Potential customers are duly impressed when that happens.

Pay per click management firms customarily have keyword selection and content development capabilities that can aid in achieving this worthy goal.

Searcher Should Be a Potential Purchaser for Pay Per Click to Pay Off

Not everyone searching for something is looking to buy something. This is a necessary fact to recognize when working with a pay per click management firm to build a coherent, cost-effective pay per click advertising strategy.

Excellent pay per click optimization companies specialize in gathering enough information to tell their clients lots of details about how often clickers turn into buyers. Its important to delve into this data, and to really explore this conversation. Sometimes, the conclusions are surprising.

A small boutique hotel in a small Wyoming town, for example, may seem like the ideal candidate for pay per click advertising. The keywords--the towns name, for instance--are not very costly, so theres minimal risk involved for the advertiser.

But what if 90% of the searchers who search using the towns name are looking for information on a particular local landmark, rather than looking for a place to stay while in town? Those paid for clicks can be a waste for the advertiser.

Here, again, is a perfect opportunity to include quality editorial content in order to lure searchers so as to attract free, targeted traffic. Articles about the particular local landmark, of course stressing its nearness to the hotel in question, may help turn casual searchers into paying visitors.


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