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Pay Per Click Optimization Firms Are In the Right Business

When hungry people are to be seen all around, its easier to appreciate having some food to eat, even if its not the 17-course feast to which one had become accustomed.

The pay per click advertising industry may be experiencing something of that feeling, watching newspapers and magazines go out of business almost daily. Meanwhile, according to a recent study, Web ad spending totaled $23.4 billion in 2008, up 10.6 percent for the year.

Pay per click management firms have carved out a nice business, no doubt. When the economy recovers, this business is bound to get better for pay per click optimization firms that prove their worth now.

How Pay Per Click Optimization Firms Earn Their Money

Due to pay per click advertisings well-documented success, the marketplace is now quite crowded. In a crowded marketplace, excellence stands out and mediocrity goes out of business.

The pay per click management industry is seeing this weeding out process now, as ad dollars have grown scarce. Pay per click optimization firms, after all, ask clients to not only pay for the ads, but for someone to place them and monitor their effectiveness.

That someone is worth the cost if they can measurably:

  • Increase visits to the client Web site
  • Attract visitors that are likely to buy
  • Build a pay per click strategy, rather than merely following the clients stated wishes

A key word in this whole equation is "measurably." Good pay per click optimization firms gather accurate information about performance, and are more than happy to show that information to the client.

When a pay per click management firm is working, its a verifiable thing with plenty of data behind it.

Pay Per Click Advertisings New Frontiers: Video, Twitter Ads

A down economy offers some downtime, which in turn offers a chance to think and learn and prepare. Pay per click management firms that are pursuing this mediums new possibilities may be well-positioned to capitalize on the next advertising boom.

The two obvious new possibilities are video and social networking ads. While neither of these have as yet been proven to make an impact like pay per click search ads, the potential here is enormous, both for advertisers and the pay per click management firms themselves.

As Web advertising opportunities splinter and multiply, the trusted guide who knows whats out there and how to get stuff done is a mandatory member of any competent marketing team. Without a doubt, some companies will (or already do) retain such a person in-house, but other companies may find it more cost-effective to partner with a third party to fulfill this vital function.

Some pay per click management providers will be more ready for these developments than others. The temptation with a solid business such as pay per click advertising is to stick to the known, and not worry about the next big thing until its here and profitable.

However, pay per click management firms must operate at Internet speed, seeing and planning for whats around the corner beforehand. Those that do that well should prosper.

As should their clients.


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