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Pay Per Click Management: No Cruise Control Allowed

In the case of a bricks and mortar retail store, one main idea of hiring a manager is to provide the owner of the store (or another, higher-up manager) with enough freedom to not physically mind the store at all times. A similar thing happens on the Web, with the hiring of a pay per click management firm. By putting someone else on the job of optimizing and monitoring the performance of search engine pay per click campaigns, the Web site owner is allowed more time to focus on other parts of the business.

However, just as in the bricks and mortar retail store world, some pay per click managers are more energetic and creative than others. Here are two trends energetic and creative pay per click managers are looking at today:

RSS Feeds: Information That Seeks Out the Consumer

Long ago, the concept was called "push technology," and the notion was hyped to the sky and then sort of never panned out. The dream was that specially tailored information would be "pushed" towards the consumer, instead of the consumer having to go onto the Web and find it.

At last, and somewhat quietly, the concept behind push technology is real, and a huge part of the modern Web. The most important example of this is RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication." RSS technology allows content creators to "push" their creations out onto the Web, either through syndication to other Web sites or to pre-assembled e-mail lists of subscribers.

Pay per click optimization firms that are watching the habits of Internet surfers are smart to include an RSS strategy for their clients. That way, potential customers dont just information they want, but are themselves found by information they want.

Pay Per Click: What If They Dont Click Where Theyre Supposed To?

Pay per click management companies love Google like Italian men love their mothers: with a heart made more passionate by the delicious meals shes been serving up for so many years.

But over-reliance on Google AdWords can become a problem if new search habits are not taken into account. A good example of how Internet users, especially young ones, are searching differently would be take a look at the popularity of bookmarking. For many Internet surfers, bookmarking is taking the place of searching--or at least taking a big bite out of the need to search. Lets say, for instance, that a college student frequently needs to access information on Einsteins theory of relativity.

In past years, the student may have employed a quick Google search to pull up the most relevant pages. But now, the most relevant pages might be found by bookmarking yesterdays best page, and then clicking on the links found there. In essence, savvy searchers often bypass Google entirely. New browsers, including Mozillas Firefox, included embedded bookmarking functions that attempt to capitalize on this growing trend.

Pay Per Click Optimization Companies Stay Alert

A great pay per click management firm should know all this stuff and more, and be able to talk more about it. Above all, such a firm should be keeping close watch on the constantly changing search habits of coveted consumers.


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