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The Wrong Ways to Advertise

Business people are often so eager to sell their services and products, they do not save enough energy to develop an effective advertising campaign. The following article focuses on bloopers and blunders often made in advertising.

Who is the audience?
Sometimes you may wonder why the business did not first ask: Who is the target of my advertising? It is much more cost effective to define a target audience before embarking on an advertising campaign. An ad placed in the New York Times featuring a new line of womenís shoes would be noticed (and expensive), but would better appeal to the target market in Vogue magazine.

What is outsourcing?
Donít worry about locating the professionals, you can conduct all of your business services in-house; it will save money and you can do just as good of a job Ė right. Wrong. Most small to medium-sized businesses will not be able to address all of their needed services alone. Outsourcing to professionals with experience in specific areas is the better choice. If you have not previously constructed an advertising campaign, it would be wise to seek a consultant.

Just go with it
Some novice businesses begin their advertising campaigns without planning. They figure customers will come as long as they get the name of their goods and services out in the open. This would be similar to a construction company building a house without the architectís plans. It is necessary to organize a strategy, budget your advertising money, and do research on the campaignís effectiveness.

One and done
Businesses like to save money. Some figure advertising is a good place to save, so they run their ads for a limited amount of time. They sit and wait for the customers to rush through their doors, the phones to be ringing incessantly, and their Web site to crash. They wait and nothing happens. Advertising is an ongoing process. People need to see your ads repeatedly before they even consider taking action.

Do not stay the same
Change is good, but not always. Some companies run their advertising campaigns employing change. Changing their slogans and modifying their logos. Being inconsistent is not going to make your advertising campaign effective. It is important to brand your company and its products/services. People need to hear the same slogan and see the same logo repetitively until it becomes ingrained in their minds.

Donít speak to the audience
What is the purpose of your advertising? You want your audience to act. You are only offering free information if you do not beckon them to go to your Web site, store, etc. Incorporate a call-to-action in your advertising. Prompt the viewers, listeners, and readers to make a purchase.

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