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Avoid Direct Mailing Mistakes to Make the Campaign a Success

Is the entire target market aware of your goods and services? Your target market may change and new members of that population may arise. How are you fostering a connection with them? Companies exercise various forms of marketing ranging from traditional methods such as magazine and newspaper ads, to current trends in advertising such as pay-per-click and banner ads.

Traditional practices are still very effective. Direct mailing can sometimes be overlooked amidst the prevalence of Web marketing, but the classic attempt of reaching potential buyers should not be denied. Companies, however, should cogitate on how to use direct mailing services. The following article will concentrate on flaws which may occur in the process, so your company will not commit them.

Acknowledgement of its importance
As aforementioned, some forms of marketing have taken an ancillary position to Web-based forms. Many companies spend too much energy focusing on the price per piece of the mailing effort rather than concentrating on the quality of the list. When working with a direct mailing service provider, analyze the quality of the list rather than the quantity each piece is costing your company. Remember, one piece of direct mail can make your company thousands of dollars when sent to the right buyer.

Use a letter
Many businesses fail to include a letter with their direct mail. Letters work better in comparison to postcards, brochures, and self-mailers. Letters give the impression that your company is speaking directly to the prospective buyer and is a more informal mode of communication.

Provide an offer
Ideally, you want to get the recipient more interested in your goods and services. Your direct mailer should have an offer attached enticing the potential customer to respond. You want a good return on investment in relation to the mailing campaign, so access your creative powers and devise an offer that will intrigue the recipients.

A way with words
Some advertising words are more powerful than others. Use these “attractive” words in your direct mailing campaign. For instance, the words “new” and “free” are always eye-catching to the reader. Also, create a sense of urgency in the reader to react as soon as possible; providing a call-to-action is crucial to a marketing campaign. Sending the direct mailing article is only a means to an end; you want the recipient to make a commitment to your company.

Too much visual
Having an aesthetically pleasing direct mail article is nice, but it costs more money and takes space away from information that can be conveyed to the recipient. You want the recipient to react to your article of mail, not marvel at its beauty. Use the space provided to appeal to the reader’s interests and not their artistic sentiment.

Measure the results
Any business consultant will tell you not to spend valuable marketing money without measuring the endeavor’s worth to your company. Use the necessary means to track the response rate of your direct mailing campaign. It is essential to track the response rate, the leads that are generated from the responses, and the total amount of sales cultivated from the leads.

Try a variety
Different mailings may be more successful depending on the target market and the goods or services offered. Use multiple compositions to assess what works best for your company’s goods and services. Use direct mailings in reference to target markets, time of year, particular goods, long-time customers, etc.

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