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Direct Mailing Services FAQ

What will happen with questionable or duplicate addresses?
Most direct mailing service providers eliminate duplicate listings and CASS certify the list which allows them to assess what is undeliverable or questionable. If an address is marked as undeliverable by CASS it doesn't mean that the mail will not be delivered. Some of the questionable addresses may be known by the local mail carriers and delivered successfully. Since the questionable addresses may make it to the address, a business may want to include them in their lists. It may be the difference between watching your bottom line and attempting to gain some notice by mailing out to the most people possible.

What is CASS Certification?
Coding Accuracy Support Systems improves the delivery of mail articles and maximizes postage savings by adding the zip code plus four digits to the mailing list when possible. It establishes mailing problems and facilitates standardizing formatting.

What does a zip code plus four denote?
The conventional zip code is a system of 5 digits that identify the individual post office or area delivery station associated with the address. The additional four digits further specify the range of the address.

Can I use my mail permit?
Providers will have their own mail permit. Permits are linked to local USPS offices and can only be used in the localities where issued. Providers can mail material directly to you and then you can use your permit to mail out items thereafter.

What mailing list format should I send the provider?
The most common file formats and extensions for mailing lists are:

- .CSV Comma Delimited
- .ASC ASCII text file
- .TXT ASCII text file
- .XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
- .MDB Microsoft Access

How do I divide the address fields or column names when exporting or preparing a list?
The minimum required fields feature: name, address 1, city, state, and zip code. There is a limit of five lines for addresses. Optional lines include business name, department name, address 2, etc.

Do providers offer tabbing or wafer sealing?
Most providers do. Most will tell you that any article of mail that requires tabbing will have it done according to postal regulations.

Will there be a fee for a Return Service Request?
There is a fee for standard and bulk mail. Return service is free for First Class and First Class Presort Services.

How long will it take to get my articles into the mail?
This will depend on the mailing provider. It seems to be a recurring theme that most will tell you to add a day onto the production speed selected when placing the original order.

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