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WOW Customers with Direct Mail

Direct mail can be a monumental aspect of marketing for your business. Yes, there is the term known as 'junk mail,' but yours is neither here nor there, so dismiss this negative name. You need to create a dynamite message that effectively intrigues and benefits your current and prospective clients. Once you gain the regal reputation you deserve, then when people see your mail they will eagerly and gladly open it up to see what you have to offer. There is much success to be made as far as implementing direct mail into your business.

"Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you keep moving or you fall down."

Know the 'A'- list
A premeditated list of who will be receiving your mail is one of the first things to consider. You can either consider compiling your own list from immediate contacts and prospects or you can consider finding a list broker (which can serve most beneficial as long as they are reputable). A list is only as effective and legitimate as the business that maintains and uses it. You can target your audience by sex, marital status, age, hobbies, location, etc.

Display Craft
Before crafting your message, cogitate on what purpose you would like it to serve. Consider what it is saying, who is it going to, what is the likelihood of a response, etc. Essentially, what do you want the message to do for your company? Make sure that the message is consistent with the receiver and includes all germane information such as hours, location, phone number, your address, your web address, a possible map if applicable, etc.

"What may be done any time will be done at no time."

Promote With Professionals
Considering working with professionals in orchestrating your mailer could prove to be a smooth move on your part. It would be beneficial for you to seek web site design services. You want to meticulously scan the information before you send it. A poorly done job will send the message that your company will follow suit. You will have a short window of time to make a huge impression, so do everything in your power to make it count.

Be Timely
Consider the timing of your message on both ends at all times (if you are advertising a sale you would want to make sure you have a surplus of items). You want to consider when is the best time to let your customers know about the information and when is the best time for you as well. This is a strategic tool (when used effectively), so you wouldn't want it to have a negative effect due to poor planning.

Tracking Responses
You have gone the distance to originate and send your direct mail. When you receive responses you don't want to treat the responses as 'junk mail' (the love you take and the love you take should be of equal proportions). Keep tabs on how successful and effective the venture was. The volume of responses can help you reevaluate and modify your next attempt at direct mailing.

Respond to Responders
Upon successfully captivating your current and/or new audience, make it an on-going process. Gather information about those who respond. Get to know the nature, likes, and dislikes of whom you are providing goods and services for. Comprise an incentive for those who do respond like a raffle or random drawing for a prize.

Always reflect on what has taken place and speculate what will take place next. Evaluate how many responses you received back, if the timing was right, if the mailing list was pertinent to the information in the mailer, attractiveness of the mailer, and if there is anything that can be improved upon in the future. Doing research will only aid you next time you make a similar move.

Survey the System
Make sure you are educated about the mailing system before embarking in the process. Consider that the post office has free direct mail kits that will be helpful. Know postal regulations and specifics before investing time and money. If mailing in bulk, keep in mind the weight and size of what you are mailing.

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