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Print Postcards to Boost Sales

Printing and issuing business postcards can be an easy and effective way to get your name out there in any industry of business. You have wanted to get people's attention, but during the business day it is not always time efficient to pay close attention to every e-mail, phone message, or letter that comes across the desk. A postcard (hmmm, that is something a bit different) may get delivered to a businessperson who mistakes the author for Aunt Elma on one of her spontaneous, late-life adventures again or that long, lost love who finally has tracked them down after all this time. They might be semi-disappointed to find out that these assumptions were a bit off, but you already have their attention captain clever!

Start With a Card
The custom business card is utilized to quickly gain the attention of the reader. There are other ways of course, but this is a pretty easy endeavor to attempt. Make sure that you have a sharp looking company logo to put as a header (if you do not have a logo, consider hiring a logo design service). Postcards are small, so they will lie on the less expensive side to produce and mail. Thicker cards will be a bit more expensive but will be more durable and last longer.

"A little thing can go a long way."

A Little Card May Go a Long Way
Implementation of business postcards can definitely broaden your clientele. You can send them in the guise of subscription or renewal cards for newsletters, magazines, other periodicals, order forms, survey forms, coupons, mini news or announcements, new products and/or services, etc. They can be used in diverse ways and are much easier to fill out and return than other mediums.

The Artistry of Cards
Before designing the card, evaluate what goal you want it to meet and engineer it in such a way that will be most conducive in attaining that specific goal. Consider using a graphic design service to help you with the orchestration. Keeping it short and sweet is the way to go. Consider the font and text size; you want the words to leap off the card and be sharp and noticeable. Be creative; experiment with using different text, font, and color. Using multi colors will make it more alluring to the eye. Remember that you want this small card to make a big bang- you want people to know and remember you. Go with a coated card stock because it is more sleek and professional looking (it will also promote the durability of the card).

"Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer to shape it with."

There is a multitude of big tips to go along with the little card:

Use prepaid postage with a pre-addressed return address.

Use bright colors with your bright idea like neon hues (people like looking at pictures, so consider inserting one into your card).

Make sure there is plenty of room to fill in names and addresses and your own information is clearly defined.

Make the card user friendly- if there is information you want the recipient to fill out then consider check boxes for their convenience.

Outline any incentives such as special sales or free gifts to attract more intrigue, along with any reiteration of any marketing messages.

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