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Know your Brokers

Did you know list brokers come in varieties? List brokers are not created equal. Some have the marketing prowess of list managers (some are also list managers). Others have the insight of a marketer and will know what lists will provide you with the best rate of sales. In this article, let us remove the veil on broker categorization. There seems to be three types of brokers.

"If the counsel is good, it is no matter who gave it."

Power Brokers
Our first group does not manage lists, but they have the connections and insight to call on a sixth sense in relation to providing the best lists to generate sales. They structure and measure the effectiveness of lists. We call them "power" brokers because their know-how enables them to arrange good prices for both list owners and users promoting value and usage tenacity.

Marketers who are looking to reach a niche market or to attract multiple channels will be interested in these brokers. You can think of these brokers as a mapping system to help you navigate in the world of marketing. They know their jobs well and have the connections to deliver quality lists.

"Advice is generally judged by results and not intentions."

Manager Brokers
These people are hybrids of brokers and list managers. Because they understand the logistics of house lists, they may intuitively understand of what an ideal list should be comprised, but may lack the resources to deliver as well as the power brokers. Their recommendations will be biased and detrimentally focused, and their testing will not be as efficient. Manager brokers are most utilized for catalog, business publications, or Internet subscriptions.

"Ask counsel of him who governs himself well."

Finder Brokers
These brokers have lists themselves and base their recommendations on what they have handy. If they do not have a list that meets the required specifications, they will use their expert navigational skills to track down hard-to-find and in-demand lists. They are the "north stars" of the list world. Not only do marketers use the finder broker, but the manager and power brokers may consult them as well.

Brokers and their uses will vary. It is recommended to consult others in your industry to see what direction they take concerning this marketing venture. Depending on what you are looking to send to customers, you may use a combination of list brokers.

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