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An Easy Way to Market Your Small Business

Blogging: Marketing by Writing
Are you searching for a way to distinguish your small business? Small businesses need to find unique methods to compete with larger corporations and the plethora of other smaller businesses in their industry.

A great marketing strategy involves delivering your company’s personality to the public. Consumers feel more comfortable buying from those with whom they are familiar. Writing a blog is an excellent way to brand your company, connect with the public, and showcase your company’s unique personality. This article discusses five ways a blog can help you market your company, and why this budding form of advertising works.

An inexpensive way to conduct online marketing
Marketing techniques are effective, but they can also be expensive. You can establish a blog on your website or start one elsewhere for no additional cost. On the other hand, continuous updates to your Web site in an effort to emulate the regular information available on a blog would require IT work, which would cost money.

Increase your search engine rankings
Search engines value content highly. Adding content to your blog on a regular basis can increase its visibility, and the visibility of your Web site, on the Internet. The competition of online marketing is fierce; however, you can compete with others in your industry regardless of the depth of your pockets. They may have all the money in the world, but its intriguing content that attracts visitors and leads to higher pager rankings.

Online marketing with a personality
When marketing online, you want to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. This can be done simply by writing your thoughts in your blog on a daily basis. Rather than sending direct mail, posting on billboards, adopting a booth at tradeshows, etc., you can have regular interaction with your customers. They get to know your business and you get to know them as well. Businesses often express the value of having relationships with customers, and blogs give you the opportunity to achieve it.

Marketing through blogs makes the customers work for you
Marketing firms, CRM software, surveys, etc. attempt to find out what customers think. Businesses need feedback on their products in order to modify their current structure and to formulate strategies for the future. Blogs present the opportunity for customers to work for your company by telling you exactly what they think.

Customers may have new ideas to offer or suggestions on how to improve current products. On a blog, getting customer insight is as simple as reading their comments.

Blogs let your marketing speak for itself
Most of marketing is informing or “telling” consumers about your products and your company. Blogs provide the chance to ‘show’ your customers what you know. For instance, if you provide remarkable and insightful information about your industry on your blog, readers may start to consider you an expert in your field.

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