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How to Find Time to Do Your Marketing

Do you find it difficult to find more time to devote to areas of your business? There really is no ceiling on energy and time to set aside for your company.

You have to make sure employees are satisfied, customers are happy, your products and services are better than your competitors, etc. What about your marketing campaigns? You can never do enough marketing.

Marketing should be one of your main concerns, but where can you find more time to perform other necessary tasks? The following article offers suggestions to combine marketing with other facets of your business in order to make the most of time.

Social events
You may have a workshop to attend, extra tickets to a hockey game, or a free guest pass to your gym. Invite a business contact along to one of these events. The atmosphere would be more relaxed, but would present the opportunity to market your business.

Do you grab morning coffee at a nearby shop or eat lunch at a local café? Do you have business contacts in your immediate area? Invite some business contacts to join you for coffee or lunch. You can invite several for an informal conversation. People enjoy making new business contacts and having the ability to mention their products and services.

Pass it along
Have you recently read an engaging article, white paper, etc.? Have you listened to an interesting podcast or watched a business-related Web video? Pass germane information along to business contacts. They will appreciate the thought and this presents a time to discuss business matters.

In plain clothes
How many times do you find yourself out in public? Many chances arise to talk to strangers and introduce yourself and your occupation. You would be surprised to see how many business contacts can be made at random times and places. You do not have to be at work to do your marketing.

While traveling
Do you often travel for business? Traveling puts you in an unfamiliar location. This can be a great opportunity to be outgoing and make new connections. Are you staying in hotel during a convention? Many people can be met while relaxing in the lounge or while walking around the city.

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