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Marketing Consultants Illuminate the Value of Research

We are always attempting to get data about customers. The more we know about our customers, the better our chances of making sales and increasing our revenue. How can we collect information?

A marketing consultant can teach you how to research your market and effectively use your findings to increase your profits. The following article relays useful information from marketing consultants and stresses the importance of researching, listening to customers, and implementing your findings.

Why is research important? What do you want your company to achieve? What do you want your company to be to your clients? You can get the answers to these questions from your customers.

A marketing consultant will tell you the ideal situation for your business is to sit around with potential clients and ask them how your business can effectively serve your target market. You will not always have the time for such circumstances, so leveraging other methods such as a market research survey is the key.

The knowledge you attain will be invaluable to managing your company, producing product/services, and growing for the future.

Help sculpt your products Practicing before the big game pays off. A marketing consultant relayed a story to me about working with a fitness machine manufacturing company. The company had been working on producing new machines and wanted to conduct some research before mass production. They invited a minor league sports team to their facility to use the equipment.

The sports players offered their opinions, were able to alert the manufacturer of flaws in the design, and recommended improvements from a customerís point of view. The manufacturer was shocked to realize how much they could learn by listening to their customers.

Solidify relationships with customers Conducting research will strengthen the bond between your company and its customers. Customers like to know services and products are tailored to their liking. They enjoy knowing their money is being exchanged for something of real value to them. Marketing consultants will tell you research is good for customers and for you. Research will alert you of outside perceptions regarding company identity, your competitors, and the trends of your target markets.

Research methods Marketing consultants will teach you about traditional methods of conducting research, and they will also alert your attention to nonconventional tactics that will also be effective.

Consider the following:

- Is it viable to invite customers to your company much like the fitness machine producers did with the sports team? Imagine inviting a specific number of customers to your facility where they can use your products or discuss your services first hand. Think of how enjoyable it will be for them to be a part of the production process and how much insight you will gain from the experience.

- Have you ever wondered what the customer experience is like? Do you want to know what they see? Mystery shopping gives businesses the intelligence only consumers behold. Marketing consultants instruct that mystery shopping will edify businesses about their strengths and weaknesses. Businesses will be alerted about:

o Store appearance
o Quality of service
o Customer service skills
o Product selection
o Pricing

- Every business needs a Web site. How user friendly is your Web site? Have you thought about inviting customers to use it while you research how well they perform? Marketing consultants approve of this method. Invite customers to navigate around your Web site to perform tasks such as searching for products, making purchases, finding information, etc. and research how easily the tasks are performed.

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