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Marketing Myths Debunked

Seven Myths of Marketing Services
It is best to educate yourself about a service before you choose to spend business dollars on it. The following article brings attention to and clarifies several misconceptions about marketing.

Myth #1 -Conducting any kind of marketing is better than none at all
In some cases, nothing is actually better than something. Since investing in marketing services is going to cost your business money, make sure you have a well-developed plan before you proceed.

A poor marketing campaign can make a bad impression on the public, leading to more money spent on reputation management than on your initial marketing campaign.

Myth #2 -Advertising is synonymous with marketing
Advertising can fall under the scope of a marketing campaign, but they are not identical. ‘”Advertising” denotes paying money for the mere presentation of a message. Marketing is a dynamic enterprise, incorporating many tactics.

Myth #3 -The best marketing companies find innovative and artistic ways to promote your business
A marketing strategy depends on both your business’ image and your industry. Some industries allow for more creativity, while the quality products and services of others speak for themselves and only need more exposure.

For example, glam and glitter may be okay for designer jeans, but may not be appropriate for children’s books. Think about your industry and your target market to help ensure a good return on your marketing investment.

Myth #4 -Great marketing is created by geniuses existing outside your company
Think of a marketing service as a computer program. The computer program must first be engineered in order to perform. Your executives and sales representatives must provide the information necessary to make your marketing service perform well.

Your company knows your customers the best. Marketing services may have seen how the campaigns of others have played out and can offer guidelines and recommendation, but the integral data comes mostly from within.

Myth #5 -Salespeople are mutually exclusive from marketing
As stated in the above section, your salespeople know your clients the best; they are perhaps the most well positioned to provide insight into your marketing campaign. Furthermore, if your salespeople are not aware of how your marketing campaign is being operated, they will not be able to properly communicate and follow-up with customers.

Myth #6 -Great marketing services win awards and have the most exposure
Yes, if a marketing company is well known and receives awards, then they must be doing something right, but they may not be the best fit for your business. Alternatively, many good marketing services do not advertise because much of their business comes from referrals, and for others, “awards” denotes their clients getting a great return on their investment.

The key is to find the marketing service that is best for your company. Seek out quotes from several sources before making a final decision.

Myth #7 -The game of marketing has strict rules to adhere by
Must your marketing strategy be well developed? Yes. Is there a prototypical formula to follow in order to succeed? No. It may be profitable for you to play things safe, or maybe you would like to be a pioneer of your industry and try something completely fresh.

There are no rules regarding the number of calls to make, the number of emails to send, the number of trade shows to attend, etc. Share ideas and information with your marketing service and create a campaign that works for your business.

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