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Whom to Choose to Write Your White Papers

Users of the Web are propelled by a thirst for information. Many businesses thrive and advertisers abound on the Web, but user behavior and desire still ensures that content is king. That is why it is necessary to have extraordinary content on your Web pages.

White papers are a well respected form of information usually including statistics, case studies, anecdotal information, and further references to educate readers on a particular industry topic. How many white papers do you have in your cannon?

Composing white papers takes time, diligence, and a lot of research. Companies that do not have the resources in-house to complete the papers look outward to freelancers or design agencies to complete the task. Which party is better? The source is not as important as some of the criteria involved in the process. Consider the following before making your decision.

How much are we talking about?
Agencies usually charge more than freelancers due to their reputation. On the contrary, some freelancers also make a name for themselves and may charge high prices as well. Of course pricing is an issue, but it should be deemphasized in comparison to the quality of the content, the availability of the writer, the time it takes to complete, etc. Agencies usually have several people on staff to complete jobs more readily and in a more efficient fashion. That is why the price may be larger than that of a freelancer who works alone.

Worth its weight?
The main objective is attaining a white paper of high quality. As stated, getting a white paper worth its weight in gold can involve a freelancer or an agency. Like shopping for any other business service, there are things you can do to prepare for your decision. For instance, look at previous work done by the entity, ask for references, see if they have written any white papers on the subject at hand before, etc.

Some of the above criteria may vary between a freelancer and agency. For example, you may locate an agency that composes business white papers. This would ostensibly suffice because you want a white paper on the subject of marketing. But you may locate a freelancer who specializes in the specific area of marketing.

In conclusion, each topic and every writer will be different. It is crucial to look at prior work and keep in mind their experience regarding the subject matter.

Any day now
Agencies and freelancers work differently with time. Freelancers are a bit more sporadic in their working hours and often work on several pieces at the same time. This may be a good or bad thing depending on factors outside of your control.

Agencies are often more reliable because they work during normal business hours, have more staff devoted to a single job, and have more to lose in regards to their reputation in the industry.

Keep these general ideas in mind before making a decision and approaching an entity for a specific job. If there is a job that you would like completed, which is tied to a deadline, it may be wise to look for an agency.

Who is out there for the taking?
Obviously, you need an entity that is immediately available. Freelancers, as formerly stated, are more inconsistent in regards to their working conditions. They mostly work by themselves and may tackle several projects concordantly. It is quite possible that they will not be available due to prior obligations, or need you to extend the time of expectance.

Agencies are much more consistent due to the resources immediately available to them.

Both parties can do a stellar job in constructing your white paper. Yes, in some ways you may find it ‘safer’ to look towards an agency, but do not underestimate the benefit in working with a freelancer.

You may get a great white paper from an agency and then receive another of lesser satisfaction at a later date. You may find a great fit with a freelancer and use their services over a long period of time. Research and meditate on your options before making a final decision.

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