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How to Write Your Press Release for the Web

Press releases are written to gain your company attention. Advertising is very costly, but press releases cost a fraction of other efforts and can attract the same amount of customers. The popularity of the Web grants companies the chance to market their products, services, and company online. Businesses usually publish their releases through sites which widely disperse it. By composing your press release with the logistics of search engines in mind, a company can increase the chances of more people seeing their finished product. The following article addresses ways in which you can optimize your press release for the Web.

The title
Search engines rank copy based on particular keywords found within. It is important to place your keyword in the title of the press release. It is good to think about the theme of the release before orchestration in order to make better use of keywords. A great way to get ranked higher is to include popular business partners or affiliates in your release whose name may already be popular on search engines.

Release summary
Most press release sites also ask for a written summary of the release. This is also a good place to insert primary and secondary keywords. The more times your keywords appear, the more a search engine will associate your piece with those words increasing the likelihood of its appearance to browsers.

The body
As aforementioned, think about the direction and the central theme of the press release. This way, the author can naturally use the keywords during the composition. It is ideal to have your keywords appear often, but not at the sacrifice of the flow of the piece.

Company URL
Use your company’s URL address in the first paragraph of the release. Search engines place more emphasis on the first URL mentioned. It is recommended to use the full URL (including http: // rather than beginning with www.) because some news-based management systems will not provide a link without the full address.

A boilerplate comes at the end of your release and provides a succinct description of your company and its services. Use your keywords to describe your company so the search engines also associate your company name with the desired keywords.

Search engine marketers diligently conduct research to find what keywords are most popular with browsers. You want to use the keywords the most browsers are using so a higher number of people read your press release. Do not dismiss the value of a press release; the money saved from writing a press release should be countered by devoting resources to its orchestration.

Shop around
The major release sites can be very expensive. Do not dismiss the possibility your press release can get great exposure from sites which are more moderately priced. Place your efforts in the press release’s orchestration; it is the most important part of the endeavor.

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